Morbius: Spider-Man Easter Eggs and Marvel References

Superhero Movies Are Famous For Their Easter Eggs, And Here Are All The Spider-Man And Marvel References Found In Morbius. Sony had long dreamed of building a shared cinematic universe using the MCU formula, and the Venom the films served as a launching pad. Morbius is the second stage, an attempt to introduce a second franchise that the studio hopes will prove very successful, and Morbius‘ The post-credits scenes point the way to future episodes.

Most Marvel Movies Are Filled With Easter Eggs, But Morbius is surprisingly light on them. Many of the movie’s main Easter eggs were actually revealed in trailers – and some of them didn’t make the final cut, including an image depicting Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. There are still other, less direct Spider-Man Easter eggs for the comics, as well as the Maguire Spider-Man universe.


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Given that it is, here are all the Marvel and Spider-Man Easter Eggs in Morbius. Some are just fun references and callouts, but others just might help define the shape of Sony’s Spider-Man universe to come. And some, surprisingly, go beyond the Spider-Man franchise to nod to other Marvel heroes.

A School for Gifted Children – A Fun Reference to the X-Men

Impressed by Morbius’ genius, Dr. Nikols offers to send his ward into a “school for gifted children.“It’s a fun X-Men Easter egg, because Professor X is known to run”Xavier School for gifted young people.This doesn’t mean that Professor X and the X-Men exist in Sony’s Spider-Man universe, of course, or that Michael Morbius went to school with members of the X-Men; sometimes an egg Easter doesn’t have any additional meaning than just a nod to the idea.

Morbius’ Horizon Labs Are Important To Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Spider-Man Play Station 4 Horizon Labs

In Sony’s Spider-Man universe, Michael Morbius is the director of a revolutionary company called Horizon Labs. Horizon Labs is important to Spider-Man lore, as in the comics Peter Parker himself worked there for a time and used their technology to create gear for his alter ego Spider-Man. Morbius also worked for Horizon for a time, using their resources in an attempt to cure his vampiric affliction. It’s possible that Horizon Labs will be used to resource the various characters in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

Morbius’ Origin Story Is Taken Straight From The Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing cover of Spider-Man 101

Morbius’ origin story is almost perfectly replicated from the comics. Just like in amazing spider man #101, he conducts his illegal genetic experimentation experiments in international waters. However, they go awry and he tackles the ship’s mercenaries before plunging overboard. The boat in Morbius is called the Murnau, a tribute to German director FW Murnau – the first director to bring Dracula to life on the big screen in 1922 Nosferatus.

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Morbius brings back the Daily Bugle – with a familiar masthead

Morbius Daily Bugle Rhinoceros black cat

Morbius brings back the Daily Bugle, apparently New York’s favorite newspaper in this reality as copies are shown throughout the film as a recurring Easter egg. There is no mention of Daily Bugle owner J. Jonah Jameson or photographer Peter Parker, but interestingly the masthead is taken from Tobey Maguire’s. Spider Man trilogy suggesting that it is roughly the same timeline. While most of the front pages are dedicated to Michael Morbius himself – every iteration of The Daily Bugle seems to love sensational stories, and “Vampire murderstick the right box – there are also teases for other Spider-Man characters.

The Great Chameleon Escape May Set Kraven the Hunter

Marvel Comics Chameleon

An issue of the Daily Bugle references”The Great Chameleon Escape.It’s clearly a nod to the Chameleon, a master of disguise who is generally considered one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous enemies. Dmitri Smerdyakov is a master spy who crossed paths with Spider-Man for the first time when he framed the crawler for his own crimes; although he was defeated, the chameleon became obsessed with Spider-Man. Sony recently chose The White Lotus actor Fred Hechinger as the Chameleon in their upcoming Kraven film, which makes sense; in the comics, Chameleon is the half-brother of this film’s protagonist, Kraven the Hunter.

Morbius drops a black cat easter egg

Black cat swinging from a rope in a Marvel comic.

Another issue of the Daily Bugle carries the tease: “Black cat: friend or foe?“In the comics, Felicia Hardy is a sneaky thief and cat burglar who inherited her father’s mantle as a black cat, and she has an ambiguous relationship with Spider-Man; they have sometimes served as enemies, sometimes allies, and even lovers Sony has long wanted to bring Black Cat to life on the big screen, with Felicity Jones as Felicia in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where she played Harry Osborn’s assistant, although most of her scenes were cut. More recently, Sony planned to make a Silver & Black movie starring Black Cat and Silver Sable, but which was cancelled. Sydney Sweeney was recently cast as the next Madame Web movie, prompting many fans to speculate that Sweeney is playing Sony’s black cat.

The Daily Bugle includes a funny joke about rhinos

Marvel Comics Rhinoceros

The Daily Bugle also includes a funny line about an escaped rhino – apparently a zoo prank that fooled the town. In this case, it’s clearly referring to a real animal, but of course it also serves as a fun pun on the classic Spider-Man villain, the Rhino. A version of Rhino actually appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man jokingly mentioned it in Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

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Morbius drops a venom reference

Carnage Venom 2

FBI agents Al Rodriguez (Al Madrigal) and Simon Stroud (Tyrese Gibson) are called in to investigate the vampire murders associated with Morbius and Milo. Rodriguez notes that they “I haven’t gotten anything this good since that mess in San Francisco.“This is a clear reference to the events of Venom: let there be carnageconfirming Morbius and the Venom the films are set in the same universe, but note that it is unclear how much time has passed between the two films. It’s certainly interesting to speculate who will play Spider-Man in the universe of Venom and Morbius.

“You don’t want to see me when I’m hungry”

Jared Leto in Morbius

Morbius does not have the whimsical humor of Venom, but sometimes there are funny one-liners. While incarcerated, Morbius tells the FBI “You don’t want to see me when I’m hungry.“The Warning parallels Bruce Banner’s famous line;”You wouldn’t love me when I’m angry.“The parallel is interesting because it suggests that the out-of-control vampiric Morbius is his equivalent of the Hulk persona.

Martine Baincroft becomes a vampire in Morbius

Adria Arjona as Martine in Morbius

Martine Baincroft’s story has been significantly altered to Morbius; in the comics, he hid his rare blood disease from his lover, and she only learned the truth after he turned into a vampire. On the other hand, in Morbius she is a gifted scientist who works alongside the protagonist, as well as her primary love interest. Martine becomes a vampire at the end of Morbius, just like she does in the comics, which may point to a tragic future; the comic book version of Martine couldn’t control her bloodlust and Morbius eventually killed her.

Installing Vulture and Sinister Six

Vulture in the Morbius trailer.

The much-vaunted cameo in Michael Keaton’s Vulture actually occurs in Morbius‘ post-credits scene, revealing that Vulture was blasted across the Multiverse due to Doctor Strange’s final spell in Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Vulture seems to blame Spider-Man for everything that happened to him, and he plays Nick Fury as he approaches Morbius to ask him to join a team. It’s a clear setup for Sony Six Claimsthat the studio has been keen to develop for years.

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