Matt Bors retires from political cartoon


Matt Bors is made. The Pulitzer-nominated cartoonist puts down his quill and retires … at least as far as the weekly political cartoon is concerned.

In a blog post on his website, Matt Bors officially announced his retirement from political cartooning:

“After 18 years and over 1,600 political cartoons, I have decided to withdraw my weekly comic. It’s a long decision to make, one that I’ve slowly come to over the years and recently decided it was time to commit. My last cartoon was two weeks ago.

matt bors retires

As he explains,

“Something had to give in my life to make room for other things and, frankly, it was an easy decision. I’ve drawn political cartoons every week since I was 19 and feel like I’ve said everything I can say, often multiple times. I know this can be disappointing for longtime readers, but my creative desires push me in another direction where I hope to create more work to match what I’ve done in this area. I also owe the readers and creators of The Nib to keep the publication going for as long as possible.

It won’t necessarily be the complete end of his political cartoon work, but the end of the weekly pressures and the willingness to focus on other ambitious cartoon prospects, including for his daily comic journalism site. The Nib, which he started in 2013. It also indicates where his creative energies are heading in the near future:

“I want to do more non-fiction cartoons at The Nib – the interviews and journalism that I’ve only been able to do through the cracks – and I’m actively preparing presentations as a writer on some comics.” of fiction. It’s time for me to work in longer formats and immerse myself in all the kinds of comics that I love and want to create. I will also be advising for Tinyview, a promising new comic book app, where I will bring an array of comics across many genres. “

Matt Bors started making cartoons at a young age, but started doing weekly political cartoons for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh student newspaper – and until two weeks ago, he didn’t. is never stopped.

For his editorial cartoon work, he was nominated and twice finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2012 and 2020. Also in 2012, he was the first alternative cartoonist to receive the Herblock Prize for editorial cartoon. His work appeared in The guardian, foreign policy, the nation and other publications. Since 2013, he is the founder and editor-in-chief of Feather, a daily reader-funded political and non-fiction cartoon site.

For more reading from Matt Bors, check out this interview he did ten years ago with the late great Tom Spurgeon’s. Comic book reporter.

We at Rhythm wish him good luck.

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