Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Should Feature a Boys Costume

If Insomniac Games plans to continue pulling Marvel comics and the various Spider-Man movies for the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 range of costumes, there is no shortage of costumes to choose from. However, a fan made an interesting request that would be different from the outfits shown so far, as they want to see a character from The boys depicted in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Instead of featuring a well-known member of the Seven from the hugely successful Amazon series, like Black Noir, Reddit user skatenbikes argued that the Web-Weaver costume should be adapted. This costume and character are exclusive to The boys comics, which means only fans of graphic novels will really be aware of this. Still, it’s a neat suit, and it would be an exciting, quirky addition if Insomniac could secure the rights to use it.


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The Web-Weaver suit is a perfect fit for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

In The boys, Web-Weaver is an obvious parody of the friendly neighborhood hero. Called “the Thwipster” and confirmed to have an uncle he cares deeply about, it’s safe to assume that Web-Weaver has the exact same set of powers as Spidey. Web-Weaver is quite important for the tradition of The boys moreover, as he is the first superhero that Billy Butcher kills and his death leads to the formation of the group.

As seen in the image above, the outfit is clearly similar to Spider-Man’s regular outfit, although it does have a few features that make it a bit more distinct. The costume includes more blue, for example, with Web-Weaver having an all-blue chest and midsection as well as blue gloves. The suit also features white armbands that look like straps, with circular lenses in place of Spidey’s usual eyes. Next to a small white spider symbol, fangs can be seen on the mask, something fans wouldn’t expect to see on a Spider-Man costume. With so many unique details, there’s a lot to love about this outfit.

Web-Weaver Might Be Hard To Add To Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Although Web-Weaver is a cool costume worth adding due to how different it is from other costumes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it might be difficult to get the rights. After all, The boys was first published by WindStorm before Dynamite Entertainment took over, meaning Insomniac Games and Marvel would have to work with a completely different company in order to borrow the suit. As fun as it is to see it added, it makes its inclusion highly unlikely.

This same logic could be applied to the Spider-Man suits featured in other Marvel games, though there’s a greater chance they’ll be imported since they’re from licensed Marvel merchandise. Marvel’s Avengers‘ The Spider-Man costume is one of the costumes that fans have been asking for, with Marvel’s Midnight Suns‘ The flashy gold outfit is quickly becoming another common request. FortniteThe Zero War costume is also something fans have been really wanting to see, so maybe it could make its way to Insomniac’s next game.

Still, neither of these suits should be expected, as Insomniac’s difficulties in accessing the Raimi suit shows just how difficult it can be to get around bureaucracy. At the very least, Reddit user skatenbikes made a fun request and started an interesting discussion about a lesser-known comic book costume. With Marvel’s SpidermanPC version of can provide many costume mods, maybe someone will add version of The boys’ Web-Weaver at the first entry in the series.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should be released in 2023 on PS5.

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