Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could benefit from endgame content like God of War’s Valkyries

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It is shaping up to be a huge game, which is confirmed by both the leaks and the official comments. The Venom voice actor teased the game’s large size and dark tone, while rumors have suggested that every suit in the game will have a Symbiote variant. Insomniac has also hired a new writer to work on the game, and fans are excited to hear more about how the sequel will take the franchise forward.

However, while the main story has a ton of potential due to its beloved villains and two playable Spider-Men, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will likely have a lot of optional content to enjoy as well. Collectibles, side missions, and open world challenges will definitely be included, although new additions can be made as well. One of those additions should come in the form of legitimate endgame content and a great template for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 copy is God of the warthe Valkyries.


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Give Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 a memorable endgame


While the original Marvel’s Spider-Man had a lot of upgrades to unlock as players leveled up to Peter Parker, there wasn’t much to do with an enhanced version of the hero. The new game plus and City That Never Sleeps DLC were pretty fine options, but nothing in the main game allowed players to test the strength of their fully leveled character. Games with RPG elements should always have some sort of final enemy to face so players can see how well they really master the game, but Marvel’s Spider-Man lacked that.

Additionally, one of the only consistent complaints about Marvel’s Spider-Man was his lack of boss fights. Despite the presence of the Sinister Six, four of the members are eliminated in one-on-one encounters. Additionally, the only optional bosses are Tombstone and Taskmaster. Yes Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Adds an elite group of bosses to the open world once players complete the main story, Insomniac could kill two birds with one stone. Not only would the lack of an endgame challenge be resolved, but the original game’s low boss count would as well.

Using the Spider Slayers as Valkyrie’s replacements


Instead of letting the players who finish Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with an empty city that has random crimes and nothing else, Insomniac is expected to introduce a new threat. With Venom and Kraven out of sight, Spencer Smythe could appear. The antagonist could be set up during the main campaign, and after the credits, he could deploy his Spider Slayers to take on the two wall-crawlers. These Slayers could be directly modeled on the Valkyries.

God of the warThe Valkyries, while having similar appearances, all managed to have unique attacks and models that made their fights stand out. In addition to being brutally difficult and forcing players to practice so as not to make mistakes, each encounter was memorable in its own way. Spider Slayers might offer the same level of diversity in endgame boss fights, as there have been 19 different iterations of it in the comics. While not all of them need to be used, Insomniac Games could choose which ones to include, each having their own visual design and set of moves.

The original Spider Slayer had tentacles and could climb, but it was also covered with a chemical coating that made it resistant to Spidey’s strap. A boss fight against this killer would require players to change their playstyle, as their webs and some gadgets would be useless. The other Slayers included their own web shooters, beams, and blades, which would make battles more memorable. Super strength and claws are other possible attacks, while slayers capable of changing shape and size can be seen.

Insomniac could also introduce its own Spider Slayer concepts instead of drawing exclusively from Spider-Man comics. A Slayer invulnerable to Miles’ electric powers could be interesting, especially if he is able to use his own Venom strikes in combat. Likewise, a Slayer who mimics Miles’ camouflage could serve as a towering enemy. The possibilities are endless, and if Insomniac made sure to keep tough but challenging fights like the Valkyries of God of the war, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could have an exceptional endgame. While this is purely speculative, as there is no evidence that the Spider Slayers will actually appear, it’s hard not to think about their potential.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is slated for release in 2023 on PS5.

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