Marvel’s New Black Panther “Vibranium Man” Has a Superman-Like Origin

Marvel Comics introduces a new variant of Black Panther named Vibranium Man, who appears to have a similar origin to Superman.

Warning! Spoiler for avengers forever #6 by Marvel Comics

A new variant of Black Panther arrives in the Marvel Universe, with a potential connection to Superman. In a brand new teaser for avengers forever #6 by Marvel Comics, Vibranium Man’s anticipated debut reveals a first glimpse of his origin, which seems surprisingly similar to Man of Steel’s escape from Krypton. Vibranium Man, like Superman, appears to have been born in the midst of tragedy, as his parents’ house crumbles as he is sent away before his impending doom.

Superman has one of the most famous origins in comics, as his early life away from Earth has rarely been altered in DC Comics’ various tales. Famously, Kal-El’s parents put him on a rocket ship and sent their toddler on a path to Earth as Krypton was about to be completely wiped out. When Kal-El was fired, Krypton exploded behind him, destroying the planet the mighty hero came from. Now, a new Black Panther variant hero has a similar origin, suggesting his life as a hero was also built on tragedy.


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In a new preview of avengers forever #6 by Jason Aaron, Jim Towe and Guru-eFX from Marvel Comics (H/T, readers discover Vibranium Man. However, the origin of Black Panther’s multiversal variant appears to be a new riff on Superman’s own tragic beginnings. In the illiterate pages, readers see a young baby being put on a rocket and sent into space as Wakanda burns.

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Other preview pages show the hero in action, as he uses his own electric spider web to take on a group of White Panthers. Vibranium Man appears to have technology as advanced as the original Black Panther, despite being kicked out of state-of-the-art Wakanda as a child.

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Vibranium Man seems to connect to the story of Avengers Forever due to his connection to King Killmonger, which appears on the final preview page. The Multiversal Master of Evil member appears to have taken the throne of Wakanda after its destruction.

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Vibranium Man is a terrific addition to the growing number of variants of popular heroes from the Marvel Comics Multiverse. With an origin parallel to Superman’s, a powerful villain such as King Killmonger awaiting his return, and a look that combines Black Panther with Iron Man, Vibranium Man seems to have a fascinating story ahead of him. Readers can see the debut of the Black Panther variant in avengers forever #6, which hits comic book stores June 1, 2022.

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