Marvel Entertainment and Simon & Schuster Raise Curtain on Comic Book Creation in Mark Waid’s New Book “How To Make Comics The Marvel Style”



The instruction book opens with an original cover from Marvel legend Humberto Ramos and features iconic Marvel characters every step of the way in the production process, from pencil drafts, inking, coloring, as well as how cartoon illustration has been revolutionized through advancements in digital / desktop technology. .

With over 30 years in the comic book industry as a writer, publisher, publisher, reporter, and retailer, no one is more qualified to deconstruct the magic of Marvel storytelling than Mark Waid. Drawing on her own experiences working with dozens of artists and creating some of the most beloved Marvel stories of all time, Waid takes readers every step of the way in the collaboration process. Throughout the book, Waid not only explains the technical details of comic book creation, but also highlights the unique approach that has made Marvel the favorite publisher of comic book readers for over six decades. The result is a graphic fiction masterclass that can be enjoyed by aspiring comic book creators and new Marvel readers alike.

“Creating a book like this is a unique opportunity for me, and it’s exciting. My goal was to write the kind of user manual that I wish I had when I started. No matter what discipline you call in – writing, art, coloring, lettering, or all of the above – you’ll come out of How to Create Marvel Comics the Way with the tools and advice you’ll need to bring your hero and favorite villains to life on the page. “

HOW TO CREATE COMICS THE MARVEL WAY will serve as the ultimate introduction for creators at all levels with invaluable advice and an in-depth look at the industry’s current approach to comic book production. Readers and fans can pre-order the book now and get it when it’s available on July 5, 2022!


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