Marvel Comics plans major change to Felicia Hardy’s status quo in Black Cat # 7 this week


Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat, is a longtime Spider-Man ally and one of Peter Parker’s former love interests. For many fans, their relationship surpasses the ones the wall-crawler had with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson, but it doesn’t look like Marvel Studios intends to reunite them.

Since their split, Felicia has jumped between hero and villain status, but remains one of Spidey’s closest allies. In his solo series, Black cat, the character recently did business with the New York Thieves Guild. It meant getting closer to group leader Odessa Drake, but in tomorrow’s Issue 7, their relationship – and Felicia’s life – looks set to take an unexpected turn.

As Cool bleeding reports, the comic looks set to kick off Pride Month by asking Felicia to seal lips with Odessa.

We don’t know if that means the vigilante is posing as gay or bisexual, but it’s certainly as big a change for Black Cat as it was when Iceman realized he was a gay man after decades of being portrayed as straight. . At the very least, the leaked pages shared by the site indicate that Felicia intends to spend the night with Odessa, and that could be an interesting new direction to take Black Cat.

“Black Cat’s actions over the past few years have made her rethink who she is,” read the synopsis for Black cat # 7. “The price for everything Felicia and the Black Fox stole is ultimately accounted for and the invoice is due. And when an invoice is for Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, and Wolverine items, you cannot. exactly take out a loan. “

It should be noted that the Kevin Smith controversy The evil that men do established that Felicia could be bisexual, but Marvel Comics hasn’t made any reference to that – or the character’s rape – since its release.

You can consult these disclosed pages by going to the site.

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