Marvel: 10 most shocking plot twists in the Avengers comics


Avengers comics, like any series of stories, want to give the reader the unexpected. This can be a bit tricky when you’ve been running for almost 60 years, as any story a creative team can come up with likely has a similar quid pro quo somewhere in Avengers story – if not another comic book series.

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As a result, the creative teams will try to come up with something shocking. They try to deliver a twist or revelation that will genuinely surprise the reader and every now and then they will succeed and genuinely shock the reader. Sometimes a team of writers, artists, editors and editors will deliver a great twist that will forever be etched in the memory of readers.

ten The initial revelation of the Illuminati and its members

the Illuminati made his first appearance in New Avengers # 7 by Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven. Its true objectives were only mentioned during this first revelation, and they were fully developed. Illuminati miniseries by Bendis, Brian Reed and Jim Cheung.

A completely new revelation like this, as it hinted at a sinister streak in Most Beloved Marvel heroes. Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Professor Xavier, Doctor strange, Black Bolt and Namor have been working behind the scenes all this time and have shaped much of Marvel history, even accidentally becoming a catalyst for some of Marvel’s most devastating stories.

9 Michael Korvac actually killing all the Avengers and Guardians

Avengers The Korvac Saga

The arrival of Michael Korvac was accompanied by a lot of mystery and a threatening intonation. the guardians of the galaxy returned from the future in search of the absent Korvac, and heroes like Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) and Moondragon knew of an impending disaster.

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Then the Avengers and Guardians approached Korvac and he effortlessly killed them all. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were just parasites to this incredibly powerful being, and they are all dead. The day was only saved thanks to the psychic intervention of Moondragon, who convinced Korvac to repair the damage he had caused. Korvac obeys, only to fade from existence. His death was as sudden and disturbing as his arrival.

8 Thor could be a Phoenix Child instead of Freyja or Gaea

This is a fairly recent revelation from Jason Aaron and Juann Cabal’s “Enter the Phoenix” story. While fighting the Phoenix, Thor is beset by visions of a former human Phoenix host from the year 1 million BC. She begins to say that Thor is actually her son.

The identity of Thor’s mother has been a matter of contention before, not helped by Odin’s promiscuity. Readers already knew that Freyja was not Thor’s mother – rather, it was the ancient god Gaea. However, it also calls that into question, as Thor’s mother may be linked to another important part of Marvel mythology.

7 Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are actually Magneto’s children

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch with their father Magneto

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver appeared in X-Men # 4 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They were part of Magneto’s original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but then abandoned the team and joined the Avengers. They believed their parents were the Maximoffs, but this has been questioned with Vision and the Scarlet Witch # 4 by Bill Mantlo and Rick Leonardi.

This comic revealed that Wanda and Pietro’s biological father was actually Magneto from the start, and that he left them on Mount Wundagora in the hands of the High Evolutionary all those years ago.

6 Wait, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver aren’t really Magneto’s kids

High scalable

However, this shocking revelation was later overturned in Avengers & X-Men: AX # 7 by Rick Remender and Adam Kubert. During a battle between a corrupt Scarlet Witch against Quicksilver and Magneto, Wanda casts a spell intended to kill those linked to her in the immediate vicinity. This apparently kills Pietro but leaves Magneto unharmed, once again questioning Wanda and Pietro’s parentage.

It is later revealed by the High Evolutionary that Wanda and Pietro were never mutants, and he is responsible for their incredible powers.

5 The Scarlet Witch was responsible for taking down the Avengers

Avengers Disassembled Scarlet Witch

With the deaths of Jack of Hearts, Ant-Man, the Vision, and Hawkeye, the Avengers remained shaken, wondering who or what was triggering this relentless assault on the team. The Avengers have never been short of powerful enemies, but it was revealed that it was actually one of their own who was responsible for their woes.

It is revealed, with the help of Doctor Strange, that it was Scarlet Witch from the start. Her powers had spiraled out of control, and repeated trauma triggered a complete mental breakdown that led her to wage a personal war against the Avengers.

4 The end of the Avengers after the teardown of the events of the Avengers

Equally shocking as the revelation of Wanda’s assault on the Avengers was the team’s end that followed. After Doctor Strange helped the Avengers stop Wanda’s rampage, they found their headquarters destroyed, four of them dead and the trust shattered. This prompted Captain America and Iron Man to disband the team.

This turned out to be short-lived of course. First, the Young Avengers have come together to replace the Old Guard. Then, Cap and Iron Man united a team of New Avengers, including Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Sentry, and Spider-Woman.

3 Elektra Skrull’s reveal in the new Avengers

Elektra Skrull Secret Invasion

Years later, the New Avengers, then led by Luke Cage, were on the run from the US government after the events of Civil war, but they continued to try to protect the innocent from the shadows. This led to a clash with the Hand led by Elektra.

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Echo, then a member of the New Avengers, apparently killed Elektra. However, her corpse quickly changed shape to reveal that she was a Skrull. Spider-Woman then took the body and left the team without a word. It was soon revealed that Spider-Woman was Queen Skrull and that the Skrulls were in the midst of a covert multi-year invasion meant to conquer Earth.

2 Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, and Yellowjacket release a Thor clone

One of the most shocking and heinous things about Superhuman Civil War was the creation of a cybernetic clone of Thor by Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, and Yellowjacket. They had used Thor Odinson’s DNA to create their own replacement for the then-deceased God of Thunder. However, they found themselves unable to control this clone, nicknamed “Ragnarok”, and he killed Goliath, aka Bill Foster, during a clash between Captain America and the armies of Iron Man.

This clone would later be destroyed by Hercules, and the real Thor would make his displeasure with Iron Man known. However, it would be rebuilt at a later date and launched on Asgard by Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers. He was then recruited from the Thunderbolts, who were also renamed the Dark Avengers soon after.

1 Captain America’s death at the end of Marvel’s Civil War

Captain America Death Iron Man Marvel Comics

Although he had made the headlines the previous days Civil War # 7 of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven is out, Captain America’s death at the end of Civil war was another shocking twist that left readers absolutely stunned. Cap was a mainstay of Marvel Comics and had been a fan favorite since returning to Avengers # 4 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

He was not even killed in a fight with Iron Man – he surrendered, was arrested and was killed while being taken away by mysterious assassins – he was later revealed to be Crossbones , the red skull and a mind-controlled Sharon Carter. Bucky Barnes took over from Cap after that and even joined Luke Cage’s fugitive New Avengers. Of course, Steve Rogers would return later – ironically in part because of the machinations of the Red Skull itself.

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