Magneto’s 10 worst defeats in the comics, ranked


Magneto is one of the most complicated characters in the Marvel Universe. A sympathetic villain, Magneto has gone through many changes, switching sides between hero and villain. For years now, he has been a member of the X-Men, helping his former enemies fight against the enemies of the mutant race. One of the most powerful mutants on the planet, Magneto is an enemy few heroes or villains want to face.

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As intimidating as an antagonist Magneto can be, he has suffered some pretty serious losses over the years. While still not an enemy to be taken lightly, he is not invincible and many of his losses have been pretty bad.

ten Magneto’s first loss to the X-Men is still one of his most embarrassing

Magneto vs. the original X-Men

Magneto’s first appearance was in X-Men # 1. Using his magnetic powers to attack a rocket launch site, Magneto proved his villainous good faith from the start. While he managed to crush the forces of the US Army, he still ended up losing to a group of half-trained teenagers, which is very embarrassing for someone like him.

Magneto’s powers should have enabled him to easily destroy the original X-Men, who were nowhere near as powerful as they would become. Magneto’s first loss was a black mark on his record and remains one of his worst defeats.

9 Quicksilver got the best of the tape recorder in House Of M

Magento Quicksilver House M

House of M had its issues as a story but it also contained one of Magneto’s worst defeats. The Avengers and the X-Men, their memories returned by Wolverine and Layla Miller, lashed out at Magneto, who they said was behind Scarlet Witch’s world change. The battle would go badly for the heroes, but Magneto would regain his memory and prepare to go after the person behind it all: Quicksilver.

Quicksilver would use his super speed to easily beat Magneto, taking down the man he considered his father in order to protect Scarlet Witch.

8 Quicksilver was the hero who made the difference when he apprehended Magneto in X-Men: Trial Of Magneto # 1

Quicksilver defeats Magneto in Magneto trial

You would think that when a person with super speed fights someone who can control magnetism, the person with magnetism would have a chance in the fight, but Quicksilver constantly beats Magneto. The most recent example is X-Men: Trial Of Magneto # 1, where Quicksilver attacked Magneto for his alleged role in Scarlet Witch’s death.

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Magneto had just beaten all the mutants in X-Force and X-Factor when Quicksilver showed up and easily knocked out the mutant master of magnetism, before Northstar stopped Quicksilver from killing him. Apparently Magneto’s weakness is Quicksilver.

7 Magneto’s loss in Magneto War saved Earth but was a Pyrrhic victory for the X-Men

Magneto war saw Magneto launch one of his most ambitious attacks on the world, as he decided to carry out an old threat and overthrow the Earth’s magnetic poles unless he got what he wanted. wanted: the island of Genosha. Fighting against the X-Men and former ally Astra, Magneto would make a good acquittal for himself but ended up being defeated by the X-Men, but not before killing his clone, Joseph.

The heroes’ victory was futile, however, as the UN voted to give in to Magneto’s demands, giving him control of the island of Genosha. Magneto would turn the island into a home for mutants, but still took a kick out that day.

6 In X-Men: Schism, Magneto was beaten by the new inner circle of the Hellfire Club

Magneto gets beaten up by the cropped Hellfire Club

Magneto’s time with the X-Men helped his win / lose record, but there were still some rather embarrassing losses. In X-Men: Schism, Magneto, Namor, Emma Frost, Colossus, and Iceman were attacked by the Hellfire Club during a museum opening, which were led by a new inner circle of prepubescent genius humans. Magneto was not of much help against them, as they had weapons specially designed to defeat him.

Much like the rest of the X-Men at the opening, Magneto was completely outclassed by his young forwards, showing that power isn’t everything.

5 In Avengers vs. X-Men, Magneto was completely ineffective

Magneto would fight alongside the X-Men in the battle against the Avengers, but was pretty much a non-entity in the fight. Confronting Iron Man should have been a snap for him, but Iron Man was ready, embarrassing Magneto by being a man in a metal suit who could beat him. Things got worse from there.

Magneto became a cheerleader for the Phoenix Five but ultimately took on Cyclops and Emma Frost, which turned out rather badly for him. Later, in the battle against Dark Phoenix Cyclops, he would get slapped even more.

4 Magneto was outclassed by the X-Men and was maneuvered by SHIEL.D. In X-Men: Mutant Genesis

Asterois M gets destroyed

X-Men: Mutant Genesis chronicled Magneto’s return to wickedness as he battled the new blue X-Men team with the help of his new minions the Acolytes. Magneto and the Acolytes were able to get the best out of the blue team, even taking control of them. The Gold team arrived and managed to defeat Magneto, but SHIELD had already played its own cards to end the conflict.

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By targeting asteroid M with a beam of space plasma, they prepared to destroy Magneto’s base. The villain allowed the X-Men to evacuate before the weapon fired, destroying his base and killing most of his sidekicks, believing him to be dead for some time after the attack.

3 Magneto was defeated by an X-Men rescue team in X-Men: Eve Of Destruction

Angry after Colossus died to cure the Legacy virus, Magneto attacked the X-Mansion and took Professor X hostage in X-Men: The day before the destruction. The team were at an all-time low with most of them away from the mansion and unable to help. Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Gray would do their best to respond, with Wolverine and Cyclops sneaking into Genosha and Jean assembling a team of mutants for a frontal assault.

Together, they would inflict a grievous defeat on Magneto on his native soil, seriously injuring him. Magneto would remain paralyzed after the battle, which would doom Genosha in the near future.

2 Magneto was powerless to stop the Genoshan genocide

The day Cassandra Nova unleashed three mega-sentries on Genosha was one of the worst days in mutant history and Magneto was powerless to stop it. Sixteen million mutants died within minutes and Magneto was completely incapable of doing anything, having been seriously injured by the X-Men shortly before and confined to a wheelchair.

To make matters worse on Magneto, he would be one of the few survivors of the day. Genosha’s mutant country was all he wanted for the mutant race and he lived long enough to witness its destruction but couldn’t stop it.

1 Professor X Mindwiping Magneto put him out of action for years

Professor X and Magneto have always had a complicated relationship, a relationship that came to a head in X-Men # 25. After Magneto paralyzed Earth with a massive electromagnetic pulse, the X-Men pursued him and in the ensuing battle, Magneto ripped the adamantium from Wolverine’s bones. In retaliation, Professor X would erase Magneto’s mind.

Magneto would remain an insane envelope for years afterward, but somehow he would have the final say. Xavier’s actions caused him to absorb Magneto’s evil and become Onslaught, putting the world in danger and forcing the heroes to bring it down.

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