Lindsay Bowe: Gosar and Cartoons | Opinion

Editor: Cartoon publishing is a waste of taxpayer money, and frivolous publicity stunts dishonor our legislative branch of government. Last week, Congressman Paul Gosar posted an edited cartoon clip of himself killing another congressman on his personal and work Twitter accounts. Gosar is adamant that violent crime is on the rise in this country, so his choice to portray himself committing murder on a national stage is incomprehensible. There is enough senseless bloodshed in the world as it is; we don’t need to exploit this disturbing trend for an outrageous nanosecond of attention.

On his personal Twitter account, our congressman also boasted that “my team’s creativity is off the hook.” I do not agree. To suggest violence against those with divergent opinions is historically unoriginal. Creativity, however, is required to draft meaningful laws, persuade others to support them, and negotiate the best outcome for the Arizonans.

Since 2015, Gosar has passed only two bills: HR3314 and HR6304, which renamed two buildings. Rather than wasting our tax dollars displaying and defending unnecessary vulgarities, our congressman should find new ways to provide basic necessities to his constituents like hearing, vision and dental insurance. for old people. Americans on both sides of the aisle have forgotten that being free to disagree is a privilege. We must honor our democracy by debating with dignity and challenging hypocrisy with ingenuity. We need rational leadership to beat the madness in this country – no cartoons.

Lindsay Bowe

Prescott Valley

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