Letter: Fairness is needed in Forum political cartoons


In some trials, a suspect accused of murdering a police officer is released for technical reasons.

I have some thoughts on the possibility of avoiding accidental fire, such as the case of Daunte Wright. First, ask the officer to step the stopped person aside and close the driver’s door. Second, if it makes sense, include it in the training if you intend to use your taser to check if you have removed the taser and not your weapon. It would be a precaution that would take a second in what is not life threatening.
I also have a question. Is there a failure of parents who do not tell their children to obey the laws, the fact that they do not show up to their hearings, the fact that they have not updated their records registration, fail to say that their child is innocent, regardless of the evidence. And above all, do not tell them not to resist their arrest.

Hope these are some suggestions that might help you.
Another reflection on the Democrats who now want to increase the number of judges of the Supreme Court of the United States to 13. They say it is time to have 13 to keep up with the number of appellate courts. Would they have said the same if Trump had tried to do it? How foolish and hypocritical are they going to get into control of every branch of government?

Darlan Fatland lives in Walcott, ND

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