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NEW YORK (AP) — The latest news on the Tony Awards (all local times):

It took playwright Michael R. Jackson nearly two decades to bring his musical “A Strange Loop” to Broadway and he says the recognition is a kind of validation.

“It’s wonderful. It feels like real validation of all the time, blood, sweat, tears that we put into this piece. I worked on this musical for almost 20 years, and so to be here after sticking to my guns is like such validation,” Jackson said on Tony’s red carpet.

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In the musical, we meet the character Usher, an ill-fated playwright who breaks down as an usher in “The Lion King.” Usher is haunted by a chorus of Greek voices – his thoughts as well as homophobic family members – hammering, undermining and scolding him. Jackson said there was a little Usher in him.

“Usher is a character that I definitely created to deal with some things that I was thinking about. But he grew so much beyond that and I grew so much beyond that,” he said. “Watching every night is really exciting because I’m looking at a work of art that I started from as a really formative period, which kind of grew into something bigger than any kind of personal experience that I had.”

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Darren Criss’ favorite night of the year has arrived. It’s the Tony Awards. “I’m never silent about the Tonys. I love the Tonys,” he says.

Criss won’t just be watching the Tonys on Sunday, he’ll be working as well. He’s co-host with Julianne Hough of an hour-long pre-Tony celebration at Radio City Music Hall, and he even wrote an original song about the show he’ll be performing, revealing “a bit of my nerdy inclinations. “.

Criss and Hough will cast the Creative Arts Tonys on Paramount+, then hand over hosting duties to Ariana DeBose for the main three-hour CBS TV show from the same stage, live coast-to-coast for the first time.

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