Kurt Angle and 5 big stars who could debut


Ever since Paul Wight teased a major AEW signing of Hall of Fame-worthy talent, the wrestling world has been on fire with speculation as to who this individual might be. Everyone from CM Punk to Kurt Angle has been named in an animated social media guessing game, and even AEW president Tony Khan has dropped a hint or two.

Khan recently mentioned that AEW signed more wrestlers (plural) during our interview last week.

“I think the balance of power has changed, for the fans and AEW,” Khan said.

“We keep recruiting more and more great wrestlers, and next week you’ll see more wrestlers making their debut in AEW.”

AEW continues to hone the art of defection, with several former WWE Superstars currently under contract. In fact, eight former WWE Superstars will be featured on tonight’s card, and that doesn’t include whoever ends up being the mystery signature and / or who emerges as the surprise participant in the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match, which could very well be additional defections from Titan Towers.

As top wrestlers continue to have fun with Twitter, fueling further speculation, a small handful of names can be considered the top contenders to be revealed as AEW’s latest signing.

Kurt Angle

One of the top contenders, self-aware Kurt Angle, took to Twitter last night to post a cryptic teaser video, as if to suggest he is making his return to the ring.

The video ended with the caption “To be continued”. In a really carny way, Angle continued today with an extended video that ended up being a commercial for his podcast. The Kurt Angle Show. Despite the poor leadership, Angle, a WWE Hall of Fame member who is currently not under contract with the promotion, remains a popular choice to make a surprise appearance on AEW Revolution tonight.

CM Punk

CM Punk will always become the center of attention whenever it comes to a mystery person joining AEW, but the former WWE Superstar remains adamant he won’t be making his AEW debut tonight. Punk previously signed a deal with FOX that led to his shocking return to WWE programming as an analyst for the now-canceled Behind the Scenes of WWE. Although Punk has issued denials, very little in the wrestling business can be taken at face value, although CM Punk has stuck to his retired guns without any wrestling matches since his abrupt departure from WWE. in 2014.


Christian recently made a surprise return to WWE Royal Rumble 2021, appearing in great shape and immersing himself in a Royal Rumble match won by his best friend and longtime tag team partner, Edge. Wrestling Inc recently reported that like CM Punk, Christian was previously under contract with Fox, not WWE. It is not known whether this contract has expired or not.

You would think that if Christian is in the form he is in, with Edge currently at the top of the list as the No. 1 contender for the Universal Championship, there is value in a future program with Edge and Christian reunited in team and / or maybe even bickering. A great talker who had previous experience as an analyst, however, Christian could also perfectly fit into a player-coach role as the third man in the booth for AEW Dark Elevation.

Ahead of his surprise appearance in WWE Royal Rumble 2021, Christian made an impromptu return to the ring last year in an unauthorized match against Randy Orton. News of Christian’s return led to a peak in ratings for WWE Raw’s broadcast on June 15.

Rob van dam

RVD checks a lot of the boxes among all the teases of a big name appearing at AEW Revolution. Tony Khan grew up as a die-hard ECW fan and noted that the signer is one of his all-time favorite wrestlers.

RVD is Hall of Fame worthy because he’s not currently in the WWE Hall of Fame, and is easily one of the biggest stars in ECW history, if not the biggest. RVD recently noted that he was in talks with WWE for a documentary, and was named as one of the few Superstars to feature in WWE’s Icons series on the WWE Network.

RVD most recently appeared for WWE as part of Legends Night on January 4.

Bubba ray dudley

Similar to fellow ECW legend Rob Van Dam, Bubba Ray Dudley, who also teased a possible appearance in AEW, ticks many boxes as a possible surprise appearance. As one half of the most prolific tag team in wrestling history, Bubba Ray is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Bubba Ray certainly has a knack for gossip and would fit in perfectly as a possible third commentator for AEW Dark Elevation, which has not been confirmed but could be the reason Paul Wight is the driving force behind this debut.

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