Justin Bibb in The White House: Darcy’s Cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Mayor-elect Justin Bibb was interned with Barack Obama when he was a senator, not in the Oval Office with Vice President Joe Biden. After his victory as mayor of Barackish, Bibb found himself meeting with President Biden at the White House on Tuesday.

Bibb, who has never held a post for more than two years, has not jumped from a job after just two months as mayor-elect. Give him 4 or 8 years before a presidential candidacy from Bibb Builds Back Better, or vp one on a Harris-Bibb ticket?

Cleveland’s mayor-elect had been invited to the White House along with other newly-elected mayors to discuss federal investments in urban areas that are part of the recently passed, two-party $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure deal. larger Build Back Better Social Infrastructure Bill still pending.

Bibb said he and the 9 other newly created mayors discussed the deployment of federal investments with “A sense of urgency. “

President Biden, Bibb said, stressed “How essential it is that we don’t waste this moment.” Use the challenge we had as we came out of this pandemic to finally make big and bold investments so that we can build back better. I believe it starts right here in Cleveland, Ohio.

It’s critical that we focus on equity and inclusion and on how we really target the struggling parts of our city and the parts of our economy that have been undermined for too long.

Mayor-elect Bibb described President Biden as cheerful, energetic and a great storyteller.

Bibb and the rest of the group also met with Vice President Kamala Harris, HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge, former Congressman from Cleveland, other Cabinet members and department heads.

“Everyone from the president to cabinet secretaries is so determined to invest in Cleveland. They are so determined to invest in American cities and it will be good to have a president and administration that invest in cities as I start taking office in January.

“One of the things I said throughout the campaign was that we have to make sure we get our fair share of the resources in Cleveland. It starts with having a mayor who will get on a plane, come to Washington, and really engage with the president and the administration to make sure we have a seat around the table, and that engagement started today.

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