JUNKBOTS World Reaches Radioactive Highs Through Partnership With HEXBUG Inc. and Wind Sun Sky Entertainment


A whole new exciting interactive experience, JUNKBOTS brings together the best of gaming, history, entertainment and technology, allowing fans to immerse themselves like never before to launch the second season of JUNKBOTS toys on shelves with a brand new environment. JUNKBOTS Factory Collection based playsets. To add to the fun, JUNKBOT Jack Static, received a cryptic message on his radio, setting in motion an epic journey of adventure, mystery and awesome unwanted constructs alongside a team of inventive, hilarious and “banging” Bots. buttocks “- all in this new universe based on the CGI and Roblox Junk web series.

“We are always looking to innovate and expand in Roblox and a greater presence on YouTube is a great example of our forward thinking,” said Tony Normand, co-founder and CEO, Innovation First International. “We’ve taken our that directly from the kids and delivered an expansive new gaming experience that spans multiple platforms that really immerses them in the JUNKBOTS metaverse through a mix of play, play and fun. Our partnership with multiplatform entertainment company Wind Sun has allowed us to take this to a whole new level. “

This summer 2021, a new line of JUNKBOTS toys, an 8-part YouTube series and a Roblox story game intersect to create an exciting cross-platform experience. Children will fall in love with their favorite characters through the comedy and adventure of the series and immerse themselves in this rich universe of JUNKBOTS as they team up and join the race to save the city alongside their friends in a fun game. Roblox story in several chapters. All combined, these awesome content expansions are positioned to support and expand the toy line that includes custom codes built into the packaging that allow kids to unlock exclusive Roblox items online.

“I can say with pride that the deployment of the JUNKBOTS universe is a rich, engaging and limit-pushing cross-platform storytelling experience for fans and future fans of this incredible toy.” said CEO and EP Catherine Winder, WSS. Storytelling and world-building is our expertise, and our phenomenal team’s JUNKBOTS web series dares to take it further across multiple platforms. Fans will laugh and be inspired as they watch in awe, then continue the story on Roblox and with their toys. “

The JUNKBOTS Roblox game offers hours of content, with multiple mini-games in each mission and dozens of playable backgrounds. Players can further immerse themselves in a unique “playground experience” where they can come together, socialize, personalize their worlds, and explore between story episodes. Revolutionary technology further raises the expectations of Roblox users by introducing stunning graphics, animation and cinematic cutscenes worthy of the cinema.

The JUNKBOTS toy line includes several sets in the collection – each representing a unique interactive environment. The mission of JUNKBOTS, should you choose to accept it, is to investigate every nook and cranny to find the JUNKBOTS hidden in the ultimate advent-style unboxing experience.

In Season 2, there are 16 all-new collectible JUNKBOTS that come with power modules for light and movement that allow you to connect to a whole new experience. With an interlocking pipe construction system, you can remove the pipes directly from the wall to deconstruct them and rebuild them for alternative constructions. The JUNKBOTS Factory Collection will be available from late August at multiple retailers, and all toys will feature unique codes to unlock more junk on Roblox.

Fans will be able to join in on the action as JUNKBOTS launches on Roblox and YouTube at the end July 2021 and in stores at the end of August. For more information on JUNKBOTS visit www.JUNKBOTS.com. Follow the webseries on HEXBUGS YouTube channel.


Since its inception in 2007, HEXBUG has been designed to provide children with a positive robotics experience from an early age, thus fostering a lifelong love for STEM. The success of their sister program, VEX Robotics, and their passion for technology was the main catalyst in the creation of HEXBUG. People are drawn to the HEXBUG brand for the smart product attributes, fun play patterns, eye-catching packaging, and the brand’s high quality. Today, the brand offers product lines that go beyond their namesake robotic micro-creatures.


Wind Sun Sky Entertainment is a Canadian multimedia company run by the former executive of LucasFilm, Catherine winder (Invincible, The Angry Birds Movie 1 & 2, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, that of Robert Kirkman Secret history of comics). Situated at Vancouver, Wind Sun Sky Entertainment (WSS) creates content-driven, creator-driven franchises for the global marketplace, producing across all mediums including interactive, film, television (live action and animation), podcasts, mobile apps and games. Under the umbrella of WSS is Skybound North, which offers a unique US-based partnership with Skybound Entertainment LA, one of the most innovative media studios in the industry. WSS developed and produced the hit Invincible, an 8 x 1 hour animation. dramatic adaptation of that of Robert Kirkman comic book for Amazon Prime. The company also produced the first series of live interactive animated events of its kind based on an adaptation of the hit Canadian mobile game. My Singing Monsters (115+ million players). Other projects include the adaptation of the Instant Ships toy (Playmonster) in a universe and a web series. The company is currently in production on Camp Bonkers a game, a children’s variety show (YouTube and Toonavision) and an Audibles APP and podcast for its property Death by Unknown event and COPS psi a 26-part animated series for CORUS / Adult Swim Canada. https://windsunsky.com.


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