Joe Quesada teases new Marvel superhero project for 2022


Last night Joe quesada posted the following on Facebook, saying “I pecked on a project and kept it low. But, I think in 2022 I’ll start posting a few small bits. Here’s a hint, that implies Marvel superheroes and there’s a lot going on! ” And what he posted showed Captain America and Black Panther. Do … stuff.

He denied that he was drawing Donny CatesMiracle man saying “No, but don’t hesitate to spread all the rumors.” Well, I mean, challenge accepted. But when also asked if you would please stay away from Peter Parker and Mary Jane, with memories of One More Day, replied “No!” What could it be?

Joseph Quesada majored in illustration at the School of Visual Arts, from which he obtained a BFA in 1984. He rose to prominence in the comic book world in the 90s, first for his work on various books by Valiant Comics, such as Ninjak and Solar, The Atom Man. He then worked on numerous books for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, such as Batman: Sword of Azrael where Quesada co-created the character Azrael with writer Dennis O’Neil, and X-Factor, before forming his own. company with Jimmy Palmiotti, Event Comics, where they released their character belonging to their creator, Ash, a firefighter with superpowers. In 1998, he became editor of the Marvel Knights line of Marvel Comics. They worked on a number of then lesser-known characters such as Daredevil, Punisher, The Inhumans, and Black Panther, encouraging experimentation and using his contacts in the independent comic world to bring in creators such as David W. Mack, Mike Oeming, Brian Michael Bendis, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Quesada and Palmiotti also drew the Daredevil story written by director Kevin Smith. Quesada was then promoted to editor-in-chief of Marvel in 2000, when he created the Ultimate Comics line at the publisher. He was appointed Creative Director of Marvel Entertainment in 2010 and stepped down as Editor-in-Chief in January 2011, replaced by Axel Alonso. His role was reappointed Executive Vice President and Creative Director in October 2019, when Kevin Feige took on the title of CCO.

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