Jean-Paul Valley, also crossed in Sword of Azrael #1 Preview


Azrael’s Sword #Once. Dan Watters and Kieron Gillen are friends. You’ll see them together at the bar, Kieron as an ancient wizard, Dan as a young warrior. And over a drink they chat – or at least they did in the Before Times. Could there have been cross-pollination? Or is it time for the steam engine? Because, for some reason, both write superheroes who were or have a crusader heritage. Medieval Christian warriors carrying away the faith in the pagan lands of the Middle East, by sword and crucifix, and starting religious wars that lasted for centuries. Kieron Gillen writes Immortal X-Men with all these religious implications. And this Wednesday’s issue focuses on Silent Council member Exodus and his life as a Crusader. A mutant crusader. And the one who hundreds of years ago had a religious experience with a Phoenix. While Dan Watters was writing Azrael’s Sword for DC Comics putting much more emphasis on the nature of the Order of St. Dumas, the Knights Templar, who fought in the Crusades. And you can see a preview in the Tuesday Azrael’s Sword #1, the violence of riot fury bubbles beneath the surface. Preview below.

(W) Dan Watters (A/CA) Nikola Cizmesija
THE WARRIOR ANGEL OF ST. THE RETURN OF DUMAS! Jean-Paul Valley never wants to be Azrael again. All it brought him was pain, violence and misery. He sequestered himself in a monastery in Europe to find peace. But when a young woman who claims to have the same system programming that made Jean-Paul Azrael arrives at the monastery, he will have no choice but to put on his violent Azrael cloak again to protect her from the assassins. mortals who wish him ill. Created by the rising creative team of Dan Watters (Arkham City: Order of the World, Lucifer) and Nikola Cižmešija (Batman: Urban Legends, Future State: Gotham), this miniseries will redefine one of the most iconic characters and fiercest in the world of Batman. In store: 08/02/2022 MSRP: $3.99

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