Important message from The Ithacan: Apologies for the racist editorial cartoon


Ithaca deleted an editorial cartoon that ran with the May 6 editorial, “Giving Day success comes at an inappropriate time.”

The intention of the cartoon was to portray the University Curriculum Prioritization (APP) process as casting a shadow over Ithaca College Giving Day. However, as a result of conversations with readers, we recognize that the image is racist.

We apologize that our content has caused harm. When creating the image, we weren’t aware of the implications it had. The publication of the cartoon was a serious mistake on the part of the editors.

Our ignorance is no excuse. It is our responsibility to rectify the situation and we will begin to take steps to ensure that nothing like this happens again. As a first step, we will ask all editors and staff to participate in implicit bias training led by a professional consultant, but we recognize that more work will be needed beyond that.

As student journalists, we learn by doing our jobs. We are not looking for excuses for what happened because it is inexcusable. We feel that we have taken steps to improve our relationships with communities of color on campus this year, and we recognize that this sets us back considerably. We remain committed to this goal and encourage community feedback to move forward.


Alexis Manore, editor-in-chief

Frankie Walls, Editor-in-Chief

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