How Venom 2 is putting together a sequel


Venom: Let There Be Carnage doesn’t hesitate to pack its 97-minute runtime with threads waiting to be drawn into future Venom sequels.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Venom: let there be carnage.

While Venom 2 perfectly closes the loop on a brief version of the origin story of Carnage, Venom: let there be carnage is also putting together several enticing suite options for the franchise. Venom 2 was a box office success for Sony by all accounts, raking in an impressive $ 90.1 million during its initial 3-day release. This box office smash bodes very well for Venom fans who expect an immediate symbiotic sequel, with lead man Tom Hardy previously stating that a potential Venom 3 will only be lit if Let there be carnage is a commercial success.

To date, Sony Venom The franchise has followed a very linear pattern as it attempts to establish Venom’s origin story in its own Spider Man universe. Venom 2018, despite its wacky odd couple scenes starring Brock and Venom, ultimately relies on the standard coming-of-age fare as the couple decide to save the world from Venomthe infamous Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). Venom: let there be carnage Much of this trend continues, introducing a greater threat into Carnage but ultimately relying on ideals of unity and teamwork to ensure the protagonists come out on top.

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Still Venom 2The final scenes completely subvert the franchise’s bounded structure, creating multiple leads for a sequel. Venom: let there be carnagePost-credits scene confirms Venom’s long-awaited entry into the MCU, meaning a third Venom The slice’s potential grows exponentially in the presence of current Marvel entities such as Spider-Man and Shang-Chi. Despite its MCU final destination, Venom 2the penultimate scenes also bolster the viability of a Sony verse set Venom sequel, given the new threads that the film’s coda establishes.

Eddie & Venom’s teleportation sets up multiple MCU-based sequel options

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in Venom 2

The Venom: let there be carnage The post-credits scene generates so much buzz that it inherently changes the relationship between the Marvel and Sony superhero films forever. Eddie and Venom’s tropical vacation at the end of Venom 2 is incredibly short lived before there is a blinding flash of light and the couple wake up in another hotel room. The telenovela that previously aired on their hotel television has also been oddly replaced, now displaying a fanfare report hosted by the portrayal of J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons) by Sam Raimi. His news segment on the revealed identity of Spider-Man is a direct continuation of the unmasking of Peter Parker in the final scenes of Spider-Man: Far From Home, offering a bombshell moment that sets up existing Venom and Eddie within the MCU.

Teleporting Eddie and Venom sets up an immediate sequel option for Venom 3, which appears to put Venom on a collision course with its historic nemesis Spider-Man. The introduction of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Tom Hardy’s Venom is a free act of fan service from the Venom and the creative teams of the MCU, who have long been preparing for an inevitable confrontation with the web-slinger in one form or another. Although originally planned as Andrew Garfield’s Sony-based Spider-Man, the port of Venom to the MCU allows Tom Hardy’s symbiote to capitalize on the popularity of the MCU’s burgeoning Phase 4 and fight it off with it. beloved incarnation of Tom Holland’s Spidey. Will Venom make an unexpected appearance in the highly anticipated Spider-Man: No Path Home Given its multiverse ties, it remains to be seen, but it’s quite clear that a Spider-Man and Venom crossover within the MCU is now inevitable.

The vague nature of how Eddie and Venom arrive in the MCU via unexplained teleportation also allows for the future. Venom follows the luxury of tapping into the MCU Phase 4 multiverse. Placing Venom in this current continuity gives Venom Creative teams have plenty of flexibility to pit Eddie and his symbiote against all kinds of enemies that were previously outside their IP skills. The multiverse purchase also maintains the tie between the Sony and Marvel Spider-Man universes, allowing for an almost seamless transition from previously established Sony characters such as She-Venom and Toxin to enter the MCU if the studios so desire, and even Upcoming Spider- Villains like Morbius and Kraven the Hunter.

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Sony’s Spider-Man universe still holds rich promises for a Venom Following

Stephen Graham as Mulligan in Venom 2

The beauty of Venom 2The post-credits scene using the multiverse is that it apparently establishes a two-way portal between Sony and the MCU’s pre-existing universes. One of the main proponents of this theory is the journey of J. Jonah Jameson’s character, who jumps out of Raimi’s Sony. Spider Man MCU trilogy Spider Man canon seamlessly through a few post-credits scenes. Yet despite the obvious and enticing option of wearing other Venom characters in the infinitely more successful MCU, that of Sony Spider Man the universe is always rich in promises given Venom 2final scenes.

Venom: let there be carnage is taking serious steps to ensure that Sony Venom the universe isn’t immediately cold when its post-credits MCU scene is unveiled. A great example from Sony Spider Man The universe still holding promises of direct sequels is Stephen Graham’s Mulligan / Toxin symbiote character arc, with the relentless detective lying face down on Death’s Door at the end of Venom 2 before her eyes opened with a strange glow. Mulligan’s bond with a small piece of Carnage confirms his transformation into a Toxin symbiote, mirroring his comic book origins in which Mulligan harnesses his symbiotic powers to become a legendary crime-fighting hero.

The introduction of the toxin at the end of Venom 2 Also triggers a series of events for other Sony worm stories discussed throughout Venom: let there be carnage come into play. The next portrayal of Morbius, the living vampire in Sony’s, by Jared Leto Spider Man the universe suggests a return to the Ravencroft Institute so strongly present in Venom 2. Morbius is synonymous with Ravencroft in Marvel Comics canon, which is also the birthplace of the much-vaunted Sinister Six cinematic option. In this way, Toxin’s crime-fighting story makes him a perfect recurring opponent for Sony’s anti-hero film pursuit over the next several years.

The transfer from Venom to the MCU itself is, for now, not declared permanent, which means a Venom the sequel always defined in the verse of Sony is still in play. The characters of Venom and Eddie still have many links with those of Sony Spider Man a universe that would make viewing compelling, with Anne Weying / She-Venom topping this list alongside the aforementioned Mulligan / Toxin. Wherever Venom appears next, Venom 2 has put together a multitude of options for a Venom: let there be carnage suite to set up and use.

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