HBO Max is adding more episodes of the beloved Cartoon Network show

Animation fans had a treat this weekend when HBO Max picked up the most recent episodes of We baby bears. The series is from another WarnerMedia subsidiary, Cartoon Network, and it just premiered in January 2022. Now fans who missed the show can stream the show on their own schedule.

We baby bears is a prequel to the existing series We bare bears, and a bit of a spin-off too. It premiered on January 1 and aired 20 episodes in quick succession by the end of that month. The final five episodes just aired on Cartoon Network this month, and the company wasted no time adding them to its in-house streaming service either. Episodes 21-25 of the series are now on HBO Max alongside the other episodes, as an up-to-date catalog of We bare bears episodes.

Both shows are created by Daniel Chong, but there is no denying that they have major differences from each other. We bare bears premiered in 2015. It’s about three anthropomorphic bears who live as adoptive brothers – Grizz (Eric Edelstein), Panda (Bobby Moynihan) and Ice Bear (Demetri Martin). The show follows their foolish attempts to integrate into human society, while occasional flashback episodes hinted at their struggles to find a home. This is where fallout comes in.

We baby bears follows the cub version of the same characters searching for a home and having mystical adventures. It stars Connor Andrade as Grizz, Amari McCoy as Panda, and Max Mitchell as Ice Bear. Martin returns as narrator, and director Manny Hernandez is credited with developing the series. In it, the three bears have a magical teleportation box that they hope will transport them to a real home.

This acquisition is just the latest in a series of catalog updates that have delighted HBO Max fans. The streamer is timely in adding new material after it airs on its traditional platform, especially when it comes to animation. Since it shares a parent company with Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Animation and other big-ticket properties, many fans consider it the go-to streaming service for animation these days.

HBO Max is now available with a 7-day free trial for new subscribers. It costs $10 per month after that for $15 per month for an ad-free subscription. We bare bears and We baby bears are both streaming there now.

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