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COLUMBIA, SC (AP) – A leading Republican political consultant in South Carolina faces 14 more charges in a 7-year-old investigation into corruption among lawmakers.

The new indictments against Richard Quinn Sr. for perjury and obstruction of justice were released on May 20, but have not been publicly announced or even shared with Quinn’s attorney, The State newspaper reported.

“You would think the courteous thing to do would be to call the lawyer,” lawyer Rauch Wise told the newspaper. He said he had no comment on the new indictments.

The new indictments are similar to a 12-count indictment against Quinn issued in April 2019 with one big difference – an additional perjury charge indicates Quinn lied to a state grand jury about from an email he sent to Republican Attorney General Alan Wilson suggesting that Wilson tell the special prosecutor overseeing the corruption case he was unable to investigate on Quinn’s son, the former rep State Richard Quinn Jr.

That special prosecutor, David Pascoe, withdrew from Quinn Sr.’s case after the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled he overstepped his authority by continuing the investigation.

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Wilson then turned the case over to attorney Barry Barnette, who sought the May indictments.

The corruption investigation began in 2014 as an investigation into former House Speaker Bobby Harrell, who pleaded guilty to spending campaign money on personal expenses. He was sentenced to probation.

Quinn Jr. also pleaded guilty and received probation for taking $ 4 million in lobbyists’ money and making their offer for the Quinn’s consulting business.

Charges against his father were dropped under that deal as long as Quinn Sr. cooperated with investigators, but instead they said he lied to the state grand jury.

Barnette’s office declined to comment on the status of the investigation or why the new indictments were not shared publicly or with Quinn’s attorney.

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