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Guided tour

He was tough! We received 551 entries for this week’s Cartoon Legends Contest. From pothole punches and the sluggishness of the NOLA Sewerage and Water Board to jokes about Baton Rouge traffic jams, they were going in all directions. Really funny stuff! Well done!!

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we select the oldest submitted.

Here is your winner and your finalists !!


Dennie Williams, Alexandria: (Punchline lettered in the word balloon)


Phillip Griffin, New Orleans: “You are not going to be successful as a UBER pilot.”

Mark Loupe, Prairieville: “Dude, you’re almost as slow as Baton Rouge traffic!”

Christine Dansereau, Baton Rouge: “Now you have a leak! I told you to watch out for the potholes! It’s Louisiana!

Jan Hill, Metairie: “Yes, I am absolutely sure our route avoids the salt mines.”

Daniel LaHaye, Mamou: “With the shape of these Louisiana roads, we are moving at the right pace.”

George Becnel Jr., Thibodaux: “Love this ‘Sewage and Wastewater Commission Improvements Over the Years’ tour.

Mary Malone, New Orleans: “I know the price of gasoline is going up, but surely there is another way than the snail pace!”

Mariano Hinojosa, Baton Rouge: “This state is greater than it appears in the air.”

Charlene Gubitz, Metairie: “When we get there, it will be yesterday!”

Andy Piacun, Covington: “If I wanted my tour to go this slow, I would go to Baton Rouge and watch the Legislature!”

Jay Dardenne, Baton Rouge: “Okay, we can stop at the next Shell station.”

Justin Molaison, Metairie: “At this speed, potholes are not a problem!”

Milton O’Neal Walsh Jr., New Orleans: “Slow down! I can’t read the map!”

Charles Salemi, Brusly: “We better find a repair shop soon, you have a leak.”

Dolores Turowski (93), Walker: “Hurry! I want to get to the Cortana mall before it closes!”

Joseph Guidry, Lafayette: “Are we there already?”

Tony Laska, New Orleans: “Hey, turn north and maybe we can get past sea level rise !!!”

Scott Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina: “I am the king of whorls!”

Jim Flock, Harahan: “Slow down! Slow down! I don’t want to miss a thing!

Dottie Anklam, Baton Rouge: “Snail’s step – I have been warned that this is how you moved south!”

David Delgado, New Orleans: “We’ve been gone for so long, I forgot where I’m going!”

Randy Gibbon, Zachary: “This visit is progressing as fast as the construction of the committee’s bypass canal.”

Robert Kohn, River Ridge: “Hurry up! Next stop for the Cajun Snail Festival!”

Alison Carlin, Madisonville: “Lost again! I told you to splurge on the new hull with the GPS!”

James Orgeron, Kenner: “Come on, get moving! Jazz Fest starts October 8e! “

Robert Saloom, Baton Rouge: “Hurry, Dear…. The crayfish will be cold and the beer will be hot !!!!

Robert Kenney, Baton Rouge: “See! There’s the ramp to the new bridge! And, as always, we’ll have a good time in the passing lane!

Dennis C. Foltz, Gretna: “I rate you 5 stars for the best real-time tour of Louisiana’s coastal dining.”

Will Grubbs, New Iberia: “Louisiana – Move at a snail pace.”

David Walker, Baton Rouge: “The virtual tour may have been the best option.”

They were great!

Best Wishes – Walt

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