Five cartoons to watch when you’re high


Whether a person wants to remember or is looking to try something new, cartoons can be a great option.

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Any kind of watching TV can be turned into an elevated experience, but some options seem to lend themselves better to this goal than others. Upstairs among space movies and stoner comedies are cartoons.


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Cartoons can be the perfect amount of goofy and clever to pique the interest of many weed smokers. Whether a person wants to remember or is looking to try something new, cartoons can be a great option, one that can be even better when paired with a new cannabis strain or product.

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Here are five cartoons to consider when you’re high.

Adventure time

Adventure time has it all, really sweet moments, crazy battles and storylines, awesome music and really weird dialogue. If a person dips their toe in cartoons, take a joint and jump straight with it.


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Invader Zim

If a millennium, Invader Zim is one of those nostalgic shows that many beloved older people stuff themselves with when they are much younger. Remember Zim, a cranky little alien who wants to invade Earth. It’s a dark comedy directed by Nickelodeon, back in the days when some really weird shows seemed to rule the network.

It’s the kind of show that’s silly and a little dirty, just enough to go unnoticed by kids, but with enough animation to spur them on to keep coming back.

Harley quinn

It’s all up for debate, of course, but Harley quinn is one of the best comic book adaptations of recent years. While the series is decidedly grown-up, it’s also incredibly funny and watchable, with just two short seasons.

The show chronicles Harley’s life after her breakup with the Joker and uses every opportunity to poke fun at the traditionally macho genre of comics and superheroes.


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X Men

If a weed lover feels like going back to when a superhero movie or series was one in a hundred instead of the norm, consider taking a look at the animated series X- Men. It’s one of the most revered shows of all time, not only because of the nostalgia factor, but also because of the quality of the writing.

Although it is aimed at children, it is a cartoon that, like the best, does not abrogate its plots. It also features an ensemble cast, which means that if a Watcher likes a particular X-Men, there’s likely a good episode that will satisfy that urge. Plus, there’s that dope opening theme.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Finally, there is Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a show that looks like a grass dream, taking place in space and featuring cartoons. Apart from all that, Clone wars is also incredibly popular and revered, capable of appealing to any type of Star Wars fan.

The show brings old villains to life, creates new heroes, and best of all, looks amazingly like the Star Wars everyone knows and loves.


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