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Expanding a bit on Bleeding Cool’s Gotham Gossip earlier, Batman: The Knight #2, released in a week and a bit, might be a comic book speculator’s dream – depending on your perspective. There are also some spoilers that drop, nothing that I don’t believe will actually spoil the comic for anyone, but if you want to keep it clean, that’s where you stop reading. Batman: The Knight #2 by Zdarsky chip and Carmine Di Giandomenico is thus solicited;

(F) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Carmine Di Giandomenico
Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming the Dark Knight has begun, and he has many hard lessons to learn before he graduates. His adventure begins in the City of Lights, Paris, where he will train with a world famous cat burglar and come into contact with a horrific serial killer who stalks the city’s wealthy elite…
Retail price: $4.99 Date in store: 02/15/2022

The series chronicled Bruce Wayne’s journey from an angry young man to Batman, including the global experiments he must undertake, how he deals with his own trauma, and the reactions of those around him. A SyFy overview of the issue in question quote Chip Zdarsky saying;

We introduce Henri Ducard, the world’s greatest manhunter in issue two in a hopefully unexpected way. And thanks to James Tynion who introduced Ghostmaker as part of Bruce’s Travels, we’ve incorporated him into this story as well, giving readers key moments in their relationship.

One might assume that the burglar cat mentioned is Henri Ducard. Created by Sam Hamm, and first appearing in 1989’s Detective Comics #599, a French detective, Ducard is one of Wayne’s few teachers who has had a continued presence in comics such as The Man Who Falls and Blind Justice, having taught a young Bruce Wayne the art of manhunting. Ducard’s moral ambiguity led to future conflicts with Batman. In the movie Batman Begins, Ducard appears as Wayne’s crime-fighting mentor, but it is later revealed that he was actually Ra’s al Ghul in disguise. In The New 52 Batman and Robin series, he trains his son Morgan in the art of murder under the name “NoBody”. However, the request for Batman: The Knight number 3 suggests that they are separate people.

(F) Chip Zdarsky (F) Carmine Di Giandomenico (CA) Rafael Albuquerque
While training in Paris with a famous cat burglar, Bruce finds himself caught in a spider’s web between Henri Ducard and a serial killer known as the Foundling… This “first test” for the young Batman will he prove deadly?

And the preview for Batman: The Knight #2 shows us the following;

Batman: The Knight #2

She’s also on the cover.

Batman: The Knight #2
Batman: The Knight #2

It’s Lucia. The gray shadow. And Batman: The Knight #2 marks his first appearance. A French cat burglar who takes on the role previously played by Ducard, shaping Bruce Wayne to be the man he will become – and also watching him fall head over heels in love with this mysterious burglar who runs across rooftops avoiding getting caught by the police. You know, when Seline Kyle comes along, all the work on Bruce has already been done… Anyway, if you wanted a copy, it’s a good idea to check with your local comic book store. Today if possible.

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