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The New Yorker magazine is famous for its cartoons and, more specifically, its canine cartoons.

The boss tells me that in the old days these drawings were the main entertainment while a boy waited for the dentist.

In his late teens, however, he was invited to read it in more depth by a former sub-editor, who told him: The New Yorker. “

That was about 50 years ago, and while it didn’t teach him how to train a dog or do anything useful, he stuck to it, desperately hoping for some truth or idea that might. explain to him like me.

He believes the magazine has spent the past 95 years trying to help New Yorkers understand their dogs, so he doesn’t feel like a jerk, even if he should.

From his early years, at the end of the 1920s, New Yorker writers like James Thurber and EB White (of Charlotte’s canvas celebrity) constantly used dogs as a foil or literary device: The Boss has a tattered copy of Thurber’s dogs and a more recent copy of EB White on dogs, compiled by White’s granddaughter and literary executor, Martha.

Then there is The Book of New York Dogs, a big volume from 2012, with a preface by Malcolm Gladwell; and The New York Book of Canine Cartoons from 1992.

The cartoon book about dogs came out around the time of his first trip to New York City, when the lights came on and he realized how many New Yorkers were babysitting their dogs – of all breeds, shapes and sizes. – in tiny high-rise apartments.

All dogs need a walk, of course, and so it was New Yorkers who, out of necessity, got into the habit of picking up dog poop first instead of leaving it on the trail.

It was a bit difficult for The Boss, especially when he saw well-dressed ladies dropping their poop plastic bags into their purses, or gentlemen slipping them into a suit pocket.

The Boss immediately determined that he had his limits: living in an apartment with a dog was not for him, not then, never.

But the technique must have stuck in his head because in recent years I have sometimes relished the exquisite pleasure of watching him carefully harvest a solid piece of my prickly poo in a Melbourne dog park – although he did. stop before dropping it in his pocket. – as he anxiously searches around for the nearest trash can.

The other surprise he got in New York was to see all the dog walkers that dog owners were hiring to exercise their dogs at work. The boss marveled at some of these walkers picking up 8-10 dogs from the homes of various apartment buildings, keeping them under some semblance of control all the time as they directed their sturdy handlers to Central Park for s ‘frolic off leash.

It’s no wonder, then, that the magazine that bears the city’s name reflects a staple aspect of everyday New York City life – and continues to do so in a gleefully generous spirit.

Last week, The New Yorker announced his most popular cartoons that people had “borrowed” and posted to Instagram for 2021 – and this one took home the award. Merry Christmas. Weft!

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