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Renewable loan limit – quickly and flexibly

Renewable loan limit - quickly and flexibly

The revolving loan limit is a compromise between a credit card, overdraft limit and online payday loan. We still have access to a specific amount (we can increase or decrease it at any time or after meeting certain guidelines), but we do not have to worry about the so-called repayment period or interest-free period, after which penalty interest is charged to us. Furthermore, fees are usually charged only if we withdraw money. After using a certain amount of money, we repay in full the amount we paid, we refund only part of it, or we regulate the minimum required amount to be able to continue using the flexible form of home budget support. For example, if our limit is PLN 1,500 and we withdraw PLN 300 from it, then we will have to make at least minimum monthly repayments for PLN 300 borrowed. At any time, when we find that we don’t need the credit line anymore, we repay the full amount and thus completely close the liability. We don’t have to leave the house to launch a revolving loan limit. We will deal with all formalities online, by completing a simple application, and we will only have to wait a few minutes for the decision to be issued.

Eurolan limits to PLN 2,000

Eurolan limits to PLN 2,000

It was Euroloan that paved the way for non-bank credit lines – it introduced them at the end of 2013. The company offers from 50 to 2000 PLN, however the final limit depends on our creditworthiness. To activate the limit, you must select this form of loan on the Euroloan website and register, and then make a transfer for PLN 1 from your bank account. After issuing the decision, we can withdraw as much money as we need – it’s important not to exceed the limit granted to us. will give a limit of up to PLN 5,000 will give a limit of up to PLN 5,000

Depending on the amount that will be awarded to us by the Balance, the monthly cost for maintaining an active line ranges from 35 (for PLN 300) to PLN 334 (for PLN 5,000). provides 7 quota ranges – 300 PLN, 500 PLN, 1000 PLN, 2000 PLN, 3000 PLN, 4000 PLN and 5000 PLN. The revolving loan limit is available to Polish citizens who are at least 23 years old. There are also no negative entries in the Economic Information Bureau and a positive credit history in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK).

Demiro offers up to PLN 21,000

Demiro offers up to PLN 21,000

The company entered the Polish non-bank market at the beginning of 2015 and currently offers the highest renewable loan limit. However, before we gain access to the maximum commitment, at the beginning we can use the limit of PLN 2,500 with an interest rate of 12 percent. If we link our Demiro account to a Facebook profile, we’ll get a lower interest rate and a higher loan amount – the second level is PLN 4,000, the third is PLN 8,000, and the fourth is up to PLN 21,000 and an interest rate of 2%. We can also count on bonuses by inviting friends to Demiro.

Credit and loan – what is more profitable? Tue, 20 Aug 2019 04:40:46 +0000

September 17, 2018 Credit and loan differ in many ways. The main difference is that the loan is taken from the bank and the loan from the non-bank institution. What is the difference between a loan and a loan? First of all, the amount, loan period and cost. If you don’t have time to read the entire text, then take a look at the summary at the very end. 

Credit and loan – basic differences

Credit and loan - basic differences

The definition of credit and loan are formally different. These concepts are considered to be the same by many consumers. This is probably due to the fact that the essence of both is borrowing money. Both credit and loans consist of transferring a specified amount of money to the client for a specified period of time.

The main difference between a loan and a loan is due to the type of financial institution that grants these obligations. You can only apply for a loan at the bank. It is a traditional and well-known form of financing for larger enterprises. The equivalent of credit is online loans from non-bank loan companies. Another difference is that banks have a statutory order to verify the customer’s creditworthiness at the Credit Information Bureau. On the other hand, non-bank institutions do not have such an obligation, therefore they can grant loans without BIK.

Which solution is chosen more often? A report from the Credit Information Bureau “Credit trends” shows that in 2017 there were 105,000 housing borrowers and 74,000 consumer borrowers. In turn, 101.3 thousand new loan companies increased. new customers. About 80 percent out of 498 thousand borrowers are in the process of paying off bank liabilities.

Bank loans and non-bank loans are becoming increasingly popular. Before signing the contract, it is worth getting to know the basic differences between them, i.e. legal regulations, terms and type of contract, the loan period and the possible amount of the liability and the costs associated with it.

What is a bank loan?

What is a bank loan?

Credit terms are regulated by the Banking Law. As provided for in Article 69 of the Banking Law, “By means of a loan agreement, the bank undertakes to make available to the borrower for the period of time specified in the contract an amount of cash for a specific purpose, and the borrower undertakes to use it under the conditions specified in the contract, to return the amount used loan with interest on specified repayment dates and payment of commission on the loan granted. “

The loan agreement should be in writing. It must specify, among others aspects such as:

  1. parties to the contract,
  2. loan amount and currency,
  3. the purpose for which the money will be allocated (the exception is cash loans),
  4. rules and repayment deadline,
  5. interest rate,
  6. way of securing repayment,
  7. total cost of the commitment.

The minimum amount of credit that can be obtained depends on the selected offer. The maximum loan amount may be affected mainly by the creditworthiness of the future borrower. The loan may amount to hundreds of thousands of zlotys. With such high liabilities, a security of repayment is required, e.g. in the form of a mortgage, to limit credit risk. In addition, banks require income declarations. The so-called employment contract, however, in some cases credit for a mandate contract is possible.

A bank loan has a long repayment period. It depends on the type of loan, but the longest can reach even 50 years. The bank does not grant a cash loan, but only transfers the amount specified in the contract to the client’s account. In addition, the bank has the right to control how borrowed money is spent.
The cost of the loan consists of:

  • amount borrowed
  • loan interest rate,
  • loan commission,
  • loan margin
  • administrative fees for preparing the contract.

The cost of both the loan and the loan will help calculate the APRC calculator.

Types of bank loans – what do borrowers choose most often?

Banks are constantly expanding their credit offer. Customers can use credit cards to finance smaller expenses. They allow you to use the bank’s money within the monthly limit granted to us. It is a short-term solution because the debt must be repaid after a maximum of two months.

When financing larger expenses, larger loans tailored to the borrower’s purpose and individual needs may be useful. The most frequently used types of loans are:

  • Consumer loan – this is a loan for any purpose not related to business activity, e.g. purchase of a TV set or household appliances. It is incurred for lower amounts. The repayment period can be from several months to several years. This type of liability is secured by the borrower’s income or other people’s sureties.
  • Investment loan – intended for the implementation of projects increasing the borrower’s assets, e.g. purchase of shares or long-term securities. It is a commitment for about 8-10 years. The condition for obtaining is the presentation of a business plan.
  • Mortgage – granted for the purchase of real estate or construction projects. It is characterized by a high amount and long repayment period – even several dozen years. The mortgage collateral is the so-called mortgage established for the bank.
  • Consolidation loan – is another type of liability. It involves the combination of several liabilities into one loan, thanks to which it is possible to reduce the monthly installment and facilitate repayment of the debt.

Non-bank loan – what is it?

Non-bank loan - what is it?

Unlike loans, the terms of non-bank loans are regulated by the Civil Code. As provided for in Article 720 § 1 of the Civil Code, “By a loan agreement, the loan provider undertakes to transfer to the recipient the ownership of a certain amount of money or items marked only as to the species, and the recipient undertakes to return the same amount of money or the same amount of items of the same species and same quality. “

Non-bank loan companies are gaining more and more customer confidence. Most of them offer unsecured loans and guarantors. The loan period may reach up to 48 months. The maximum loan amount is set out in Article 3 of the Consumer Credit Act.

We read in it that “Consumer credit agreement means a credit agreement in the amount not exceeding PLN 255 550 or the equivalent of this amount in a currency other than Polish currency, which the creditor grants or promises to grant to the consumer in the scope of its activity”.

Unlike a loan, the loan agreement does not have to be payable. The lender also does not impose a method of spending money. The total cost of taking out a loan is calculated similar to a loan agreement. Many companies offer loans to new customers for free. The APRC loan consists of:

  • amount borrowed
  • commission and interest rate on the loan,
  • loan margin
  • administrative fees related to the preparation of the contract, verification in databases ect.

Types of loans

The process of applying for non-bank loans is done online. The most recognizable feature of online loans is: a minimum of formalities, a quick decision by the lender and an immediate transfer of money to the account – a loan in 15 minutes is possible. The main products offered by non-bank institutions are:

  • payday loans – quick low-value loans with a loan period of 30, 60 or 91 days,
  • installment loans – long-term loans (up to 48 months) for high amounts repaid in monthly installments.

The offer of non-bank loan companies is constantly expanding. Therefore, products tailored to the specific needs of consumers are created. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the business loan, while borrowers with low creditworthiness can take advantage of the loan and buy a car.
Some institutions also offer loans without checking databases and even loans for those in debt.

Differences between a loan and a loan – summary

Differences between a loan and a loan - summary

The main difference that can be seen between a loan and a loan are the available amounts and the possible repayment time. The offer of non-bank financial institutions is definitely more limited. The reason is the institution’s capital – with a non-bank loan, the money must be the lender’s property. The bank grants loans not only from own funds, but also from funds deposited by its clients.

Higher recoverable bank loans have their price. It is very thorough verification of borrowers. Both creditworthiness and creditworthiness are assessed. The credit process can take a long time and require a lot of formalities.

Applying for a loan is definitely faster and is usually done completely online or by phone. Potential borrowers are checked in databases such as BIK and BIG, however, loan companies are characterized by greater flexibility and individual approach to each client.

The amount of formalities is also smaller. Many lenders offer loans without income statements.

Online loans comparison website Sun, 28 Jul 2019 04:12:53 +0000

Best payday comparer

Best payday comparer

At you will find an online comparison site that will help you view current offers of payday loans and installment loans. The first are liabilities amounting to PLN 3,000 with a repayment period of no more than 60 days. The second allow you to borrow up to PLN 10,000 for no more than 36 installments payable on a monthly basis. Just use the slider to select the amount you are interested in and the period you want to pay, and as a result you will receive a list of proposals sorted from the best offer divided into new and regular customers. With each option you can know the conditions that must be met to apply for a loan, and by clicking the “Fill application” button you will be transferred to the form directly on the website of the selected loan company.

– By using LoanMinute loan comparator, we can be sure that the list obtained is independent and reliable information on all current promotions available on the non-bank market – an experienced team - an experienced team

In addition to the ability to compare loans online, LoanMinute answers many key questions about using the services of loan companies. What is the APRC? How to choose a repayment period? What is the risk of late payment? How to improve your credit standing? Why loan companies do not check clients in BIK? They are experts on a daily basis strongly associated with the financial market, including the non-banking loan sector and having many years of experience and knowledge about personal finance.

The largest number of loan rankings

The largest number of loan rankings

At you will also find loan rankings by category, e.g. the most popular on Facebook or the best free loans, and a detailed list of loan companies with a description of the business, list of pros and cons of their offer, requirements for clients and the process of applying for a loan.

– LoanMinute is a collection of the most important tools that allow everyone to find a loan tailored to their needs. The project signed with the Sfera Finansów brand, which is the leader of the consumer finance market in the segment of online financial intermediation, is also a rich source of reliable and independent information regarding online micro loans


The loan is ideal for a picnic Mon, 22 Jul 2019 04:36:51 +0000

The long-awaited long weekend will start in a few days. A spontaneous decision to leave or the organization of a spring barbecue for friends, or perhaps unplanned refreshment of the apartment are just some of the expenses for which an additional cash injection may be needed. Just remember – be careful and follow the following rules of sound borrowing!

First of all: Set the loan amount

First of all: Set the <a href=loan amount” />

Think about whether you will definitely need the loan. Calculate your budget and decide what amount you should apply for. Consider the form of repayment – will you manage to repay the whole amount in full, or better spread the repayment of liabilities into several smaller installments.

Secondly: Choose a reliable loan company

Secondly: Choose a reliable loan company

We usually borrow small amounts for a picnic, which is why most of us decide on a short-term loan. chwilówki. Remember to make a wise choice of loan company. Use only the services of those institutions that enjoy the trust of consumers. When choosing a loan company, it will be useful to track the current loan rankings and read reviews about the company you choose.

Third: Read loan agreements

Third: Read loan agreements

Read the loan agreement before you sign it. Don’t give in to impulses. Act wisely. If a section of the contract is unclear to you, ask the loan company employee for clarification. Before concluding the contract, please familiarize yourself with all the parameters of the loan. Check additional costs – non-interest. Although the amendment to the Financial Market Supervision Act has been in force since March 11, which sets the maximum loan cost, you should always be vigilant and review the terms and conditions of the contract and its costs.

Free loan for May

Free loan for May

Many non-bank institutions offer new clients the first loan for free. Thanks to this, we give back only as much as we borrowed. This month, we can apply for a free loan, including in Porfel, CashMan, Solfe Credit and MetLoan.

PLN 1000 loan for free

The loan with no commission or interest at Loan is available to new customers in the amount from PLN 100 to PLN 1,000. The company grants loans online for a period of 30 days. However, if you need to borrow a small amount from PLN 200 to PLN 1,000 for a period shorter than 30 then you can take advantage of the CashMan offer. The company grants loans for a period of 5 to 30 days.

Free loan up to PLN 2,000

You can get a free loan of up to PLN 2,000 at NestCredit, while Cheap Loan offers a loan for free to new customers up to PLN 1,700. Both companies grant online loans for up to 30 days. Both MetLoan and Cheap Credit have high loan granting, and it takes a few moments to complete the application in both cases. All thanks to short and intuitive loan forms.

Online loan up to PLN 4,000

Online loan up to PLN 4,000

There are also online lending companies on the market for higher amounts, up to PLN 4,000 with minimum formalities. A loan from PLN 200 to PLN 4,000 can be obtained at GetBucks. The company provides online payday loans to people over 18 years old.

When choosing a loan for a picnic, be cautious above all. Check opinions about the loan company and familiarize yourself with its offer. Read the terms of the contract peacefully and return borrowed funds on time. Be aware of borrowers.

News About Cash – A Personal Habit Sat, 20 Jul 2019 03:43:20 +0000 Getting cash to buy a car or home can be helpful

The reason why I say this is because it will help you keep an eye on the news and make sure that you don’t pay too much attention to the programs, but keep your eyes open for something that might be important. Also, some of these programs may be helpful with which you can get cash to buy a home or car, just visit their website here.

As part of my reading, I try to keep track of all the things that you can read about in the news that don’t pay off. By keeping an eye on them, you can see that things are changing, and then choose to add to your reading list when the headlines change.

Most people would like to work longer hours in tough economic times, and at the same time try to stay in the family. While this is an admirable goal, it may be hard to achieve. In these situations, the best thing you can do is to keep yourself occupied by watching the news about cash.

As part of your habit, I recommend you to make a schedule of what you are going to watch and follow up on and keep the good news front and center. This way, it will keep you motivated to continue to do your research. You may find that you are up at night and reading about the great opportunities and benefits that are being offered.

Great opportunities and things that will positively affect your future

You need to be aware that there are two sides to any story, and this is true for all news and events. What I mean by this is that sometimes bad news reports are actually positive news. On the other hand, if you listen to the bad news reports more often, you might miss out on great opportunities and things that will positively affect your future.

Keep in mind, that once you decide to adopt a habit of reading about news about cash, you will not want to stop. You will not be able to stop, simply because the habits of the mind are hard to break. As such, when something interesting happens, you will want to check into the news and see what is going on.

Just because it is bad news, does not mean that it cannot be very beneficial to you. It can also bring a great deal of good news so that you can take that to your own personal advantage. This is why I always recommend news that is related to your area of business and is about your own business.

Make the most of the opportunities that you discover

The reason I say this is because it will help you be aware of all the news that is available and keep you up to date on the types of opportunities that will occur, and how much time you will need to set them up. You will also be able to make the most of the opportunities that you discover through the news about cash.

Now is the time to make your decisions, but the best way to do this is to keep yourself informed. Keep your eye on all the news that is out there. You will be able to follow all the trends so that you can get a feel for what is going on, as well as what is happening today.

The next step is to read news about cash from every source you can get access to. You want to make sure that you are aware of what is happening in your own business, and what your competitors are doing. You need to be familiar with the current trends, and then determine what your place in the industry is, and what is the key to success.

Keep your ears and eyes open, as well as your wallet. It is important to stay on top of what is going on and in the industry.

Cash loan surety Mon, 01 Jul 2019 03:51:25 +0000

Creditworthiness is the basis

Creditworthiness is the basis

Timely payment of amounts due to financial institutions, which is reflected in a positive credit history in the Credit Information Bureau, is one of the most important factors affecting the granting of financial support. However, even a fair repayment of obligations may not be enough to take out a cash loan if you find that your creditworthiness is too low. This indicator tells you how much credit you can afford with your current earnings, i.e. how much and for what period will not cause you any problems with giving back money in accordance with the loan agreement. Based on the analysis of your home budget, the bank estimates how much monthly installment should be for you to be able to pay.

Credit surety, or what?

Credit surety, or what?

If you belong to people who did not slip their leg during repayment of other obligations, e.g. credit card, but you lack creditworthiness to make a positive decision, the bank may propose that you find a guarantor. Such a person, also called a resident, will help you get extra money thanks to high earnings. In this way, the bank secures the repayment of the liability. Granting a surety means that a loved one – your spouse, parents, brother or sister – agrees that in the event of any problems with your payment, the bank may request a refund. Such a solution is offered, for example, by Money Bank. As part of the “Cheap credit with account” you can combine your income with another family member and thus increase the chance of credit. The maximum amount available is 120,000 PLN, which can be repaid for 108 months. The guarantor must provide a statement of earnings. The bank will also check it at BIK.

Guarantor – his rights and obligations

Guarantor - his rights and obligations

When deciding on a cash loan surety, it should be remembered that this way we reduce our own creditworthiness. The bank treats the girrant as a risk client because you never know if the person you have decided to help will not get into financial problems and the lender will ask you to return the borrowed money. As a resident you have to face difficulties in getting a loan for yourself. In order not to have any problems yourself, it is worth limiting your responsibility as a girrant when signing the contract. This may include, for example, determining the amount of money you guarantee. As for the rights of the gironde, in a situation where you have to pay the borrower’s debt, after settling the arrears, you can apply to him for a refund of losses.

Loans for Motorcycle | Get the Lowest Rate Right Now Sun, 30 Jun 2019 13:23:56 +0000

Satisfied users are our business. YOUR SAFETY. Free of charge

There are no costs associated with applying for a loan through Personal Payday. Also even if you choose not to make use of the offers you get. Enjoy.

We blog about loans and finance

We blog about loans and finance

Read our latest three blog posts on loans and personal finance.

Loans for motorcycle

Loans for motorcycle

On this page we present everything you need to know about loan for motorcycle. The purpose is to create knowledge of loans for motorcycles and give an overview of the different loan options. We explain, among other things, how you can easily finance your motorcycle and what costs are in the loan.

So if you are going to buy a motorcycle and want to know which funding options are, or just want more information on the subject, then you have come to the right place as we here guide you on how to find the best loan for motorcycle.
How do I fund my motorcycle?

How do I fund my motorcycle?

How do I fund my motorcycle?

Do you dream of a life with more speed over the field? Then a motorcycle is the right investment for you. Driving a motorcycle is a hobby that you will experience directly related to more freedom when cruising on the snorkel roads or marking the machine’s insatiable horsepower on the highway.

Buying a new motorcycle can be incredibly expensive, and therefore, not everyone can afford to fund their new motorcycle on their own. In this connection, it may be a solution to take out a loan from a loan provider.

There are two different types of loans that you can use to finance your motorcycle.

These loans are categorized as unsecured loans and secured loans, respectively.

A secured loan is a loan where the bank has a mortgage on your motorcycle. That is, the bank requires you to sell your motorcycle if you cannot repay your loan on your own. Since the bank gets a security for the loan, it also means that you are offered a more favorable interest rate. A loan for a motorcycle is thus reminiscent of a car loan, boat loan, home loan or cottage loan, where the loan is intended for the financing of the specific asset.

A traditional motorcycle loan will only be granted if you can pay 20% in own payment. If this is the case, the bank will finance the last 80 percent of the motorcycle’s purchase price. In this way, you set the bank a security in the loan in the form of an asset, so that the bank runs a small risk by borrowing money. This also gives you a lower interest rate.
You can, however, also choose to borrow an unsecured loan to finance your motorcycle purchase. Conversely, an unsecured loan is a loan where the bank does not receive collateral for the loan via an asset. These types of loans therefore typically include consumer loans and private loans. If you choose to take out an unsecured loan, it means a higher risk for the bank than for a secured loan, which is why you typically get a higher interest rate.

Old vs new motorcycle

There are no set rules that determine which motorcycle you can buy with your motorcycle loan. It also means that it is subordinate to which model or brand you intend to buy.

However, the life cycle of the motorcycle has an impact on the type of loan that you can be offered. The loan providers will, for example, do not offer you a secured loan for the motorcycle, if it is over 15 years old or costs less than $ 50,000, as the loan provider runs a greater risk by lending you money for a used motorcycle that has fallen in value. If this is the case, then you need to get hold of an unsecured loan, as the same claim is not made by the bank with this type of loan.

What does it cost me to take a loan?

At Personal Payday you can use our loan calculator, which gives you a quick and clear overview of how much it can cost you to borrow money for your upcoming motorcycle.

However, there are several factors that influence what it will cost you to borrow a loan. Therefore, the loan calculator is just an indication and not the final price. Below we briefly review a number of the factors that influence the price.

Your credit rating is crucial to your loan offer

Before the banks can offer you a loan that suits you, a credit rating of you and your finances will be made.

Specifically, this means that the loan provider must assess your ability to repay the loan based on your public and private information available. This information relates inter alia to that the loan provider looks at the following:

  • Your current monthly salary

  • Your overheads

  • Your disposable amount

  • Any existing debt items

A credit rating may seem like a comprehensive and unnecessary process for many, but the process really only ensures that it is safe to borrow money and that you get the best possible loan. The credit rating also means that you do not run the risk of ending up with a loan that you have poor ability to pay back to the loan provider.

High risk customer and loan Thu, 27 Jun 2019 03:50:59 +0000

According to the January report of InfoDłuż (a detailed report on the Polish debt prepared quarterly by Zig Bonitor), Poles have PLN 40.94 billion of debt, of which persons from the higher risk group are in arrears with payments totaling PLN 2.38 billion. An average unreliable debtor has PLN 17 214 to hand over.

Risky customer, or what?

Risky customer, or what?

An increased risk client in the eyes of a financial institution is simply a person who is in arrears with settling liabilities such as loans, credits, credit cards, and account limits. Due to this, he has a negative credit history at the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). We are also talking about an unreliable debtor when someone has not repaid the amount exceeding PLN 200 on time, and at least 60 days have passed since the date of receipt of the claim. Indebtedness may result from failure to comply with the contract with a bank, telecommunications company or other business institution or entity. This definition is used by economic information bureaus, i.e. the National Debt Register, ERIF Register of Debtors and Zig Bonitor. A high-risk customer is also a person with low creditworthiness or low or unstable income. Another factor that may cause the applicant for additional money to be perceived as an unreliable customer is the lack of credit history in BIK. Then the financial institution does not know what kind of payer the potential borrower is.

However, the loan is not for everyone

However, the loan is not for everyone

The widespread belief that the offer of non-banking companies can benefit everyone, even people with a negative credit history is increasingly refuted by hard data. I am talking not only about the lenders themselves, who openly admit that out of 10 applications submitted, more than half meet with a negative decision. This is because the loan industry provides loans from its own resources. Therefore, one of the conditions that non-bank companies set for the person submitting the application for an additional cash injection is not configuring the debtors’ registers (only one, two or, less often, all three). However, while banks almost immediately delete a person with a negative credit history and entries in BIGs, loan companies, thanks to an individual approach to the client, can offer e.g. a lower loan amount, a longer repayment period or condition for obtaining money from the need to provide additional documents (e.g. income certificate, bank statement, electricity, multimedia, gas bills, etc.).

Installment loan or payday loan for 60 days Sun, 09 Jun 2019 04:29:49 +0000

At once or in two installments

At once or in two installments

In the case of payday pay, we must return it once, i.e. make the payment in full within a strictly specified period. This means that we have up to two months of peace, but in the end we will have to give back a large sum. With unreasonable planning of expenses, suddenly on the eve of repayment may turn out that we do not have the right amount. Although we can use the option to extend payday pay, it increases our debt. We can also reach for a payday loan for 60 days from Viloan Bank or its agents, which also divides into two installments payable monthly, but the offer is available to regular customers and requires a loan of at least PLN 400. When deciding on an installment loan, we have the comfort that it is divided into two smaller parts, each of which is payable every 30 days. Thanks to lower amounts, it is easier for us to plan the household budget for the loan repayment period.

First payday for free

First payday for free

Another difference between a 60-day payday loan and a two-month installment loan is that the first one can be granted for free. This offer is only available to new customers, i.e. people who have not previously used the services of a given non-bank company and this will be their first loan. Instantaneous cash for free consists in the fact that if you manage to give the money back within the period specified in the contract, then the lender will not charge us interest or commission for granting the loan. In this way we will refund as much as we borrowed and not a penny more. There is no such option for installment loans. Regardless of whether we take the payday service for the first time or whether we belong to the group of regular customers of a given brand, we must take into account the appropriate fees. We will get a loan for 60 days for free in CreditKoi. Also Zengga will give us 2 months to return the payday payday, but it will cost us. However, we will not spend a lot, just PLN 10, but only if we are a new customer and we borrow no more than PLN 750.

Installment loan for any amount

Installment loan for any amount

The advantage of installment loans over payday loans is that we can apply for the maximum amount that is available from the lender at the first application. For a payday payday of 60 days, the first commitment is usually limited to a certain amount. Looking at e.g. the new brand porfel, we can apply for up to 3000 the first time.

Small payday loan for 100 to 3,000 euros with immediate payment Sat, 01 Jun 2019 12:51:48 +0000

Those who opt for a microcredit instead of a conventional consumer, disbursement or installment loan are in many ways at a lower risk . Firstly, the repayment period and thus the amount of interest actually paid is correspondingly low. On the other hand, you benefit from an overall better credit rating due to the short commitment of your credit.

Short maturities and small payday loans: loans up to 3,000 euros

Short maturities and small payday loans: loans up to 3,000 euros

Sudden financial bottlenecks no longer have to be a problem with our small payday loan . Because we help you with a quick credit application with no hidden costs for processing or commission . You only pay the accrued interest, which is very low due to the short term of only 30 days .

Fast microcredit with immediate payment

Fast microcredit with immediate payment

The automated application process takes just a few minutes and can be conveniently done online. Thanks to Videoident , your personal details are checked at lightning speed so that even your application changes to editing.

If you select the express option in the application process, your application will be processed even faster and your microcredit will be transferred to your account within 60 minutes . In this way, you receive an immediate real-time commitment and microcredit immediately on your loan request .

Can I repay the microcredit in installments?

So that you can make the repayment of your small payday loan even more flexible, we offer you the option of a 2-rate option . This will extend the term of your loan to 60 days. This will give you a more individual loan repayment.

* NEW * : With VexFlex you can now repay your loan in 3-6 installments . You can find more information here.

What are the requirements to apply for a microcredit online?

What are the requirements to apply for a microcredit online?

If you apply for a small payday loan up to 5,000 euros , you must meet the following criteria for a potential commitment:

The requirements at a glance:

  • Main residence Germany
  • German bank account
  • monthly minimum income (500 Euro)
  • no over-indebtedness

Do I also get a small payday loan without Bank?

For the calculation of your credit rating, we assume that the credit is of a short duration and, in contrast to other providers and banks, can also grant a credit pledge at medium Bank . For more information, please read our article on credit without a Bank entry.

However, if you are looking for a Bank-free small payday loan and would prefer to receive the microcredit without proof of income , we must unfortunately disappoint.

Frequently asked questions about microcredit

Is the small payday loan suitable for the self-employed?

Yes, because if you are a freelancer or have a self-employment, you have better chances of getting a loan than we do with traditional banks. Reasons can be read in our article Credit for self-employed and freelancers.

What are my chances for a small payday loan for unemployment or Hartz 4? Under certain conditions, such as the receipt of unemployment benefit I , you also have opportunities to get a loan from us when unemployed. Please read our article Credit for Unemployed. There you will also find out why recipients can not get loans from us.

Is the application for the microcredit accepted with a guarantee? Currently we can not consider a guarantor or accept a guarantee for your loan. However, you are welcome to inform yourself about our creditworthiness certificate and decide whether this may not be a suitable option for you. Do I get a microcredit as a student or pensioner? Yes, if you meet the minimum requirements and can show us their income accordingly, then as a student or retiree you have a good chance of getting the microcredit approved. Do I have any chances of a microcredit for personal bankruptcy or garnishment? No, we must unfortunately disappoint you if you want to apply for a microcredit in spite of insolvency proceedings or garnishment .