[Eye Plus] Cartoon Street pays homage to the nostalgic comics that inspired K-Dramas

Among the gray concrete buildings of central Seoul is a 450-meter road lined with walls covered in images of quirky comic book characters from stories that have fascinated Koreans for decades.

Painted in bright colors, the walls of Zaemiro, meaning fun street, bring Korean comic book characters to life that would later become inspirations for many K-dramas.

In the first section, visitors are greeted by characters from “The Palace,” a popular teen cartoon turned drama that has gone viral across Asia.

The street also exhibits works by two rival cartoonists – “Gourmet” by Heo Young-man and “The Terrifying Mercenary Baseball Team” by Lee Hyun-se.

Walking a little further, the history of cartoons takes a turn towards a recent era of webtoons. The closing of the screen presents the characters of the webtoons Daum and Naver. They include characters from “Secretly Greatly” by Hun, “I Love You” by Kang Pool, “Incomplete Life” by Yoon Tae-ho and “The Sound of Your Heart” by Cho Seok. Most of the cartoons have been turned into productions for the small and big screen.

The comic road starts at Exit 3 of Myeong-dong Station, on the No.4 subway line, and leads to Zaemirang, a small cartoon exhibition center.

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