Even in Avengers Comics, no one cares about Hawkeye


Hawkeye’s usefulness is a common joke in the MCU, but even in Marvel comics, the world thinks he’s the team’s least important Avenger.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Spider-Man WEB # 5!

Of all the Avengers, the most ridiculed more than all the others is undoubtedly Hawk Eye. Expert archer, Clint Barton is often seen as a weak and forgettable member of a team full of gods like Thor, giant monsters like the Hulk, super-soldiers like Captain America, and genius billionaire playboy philanthropists (Tony Stark). Sadly, Hawkeye’s stigma of being left out of the popular crowd occurs in the comics as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and in Spider-Man WEB # 5, written by Kevin Shinick with illustrations by Alberto Alburquerque and colors by Rachelle Rosenberg, every core Avenger receives great honor – with the exception of Hawkeye.

In the Spider-Man series WEB, Peter Parker was invited to the Worldwide Engineering Brigade: a think tank populated by other like-minded geniuses, including Harley Keener, Squirrel Girl, Moon Girl, and Onome. At the Paris branch, the gang meets Amadeus Cho but is attacked by a new Green Goblin: Mendel Stromm (who insists the group calls him the “Cy-Gob”). Peter and the WEB gang chase Cy-Gob to the Louvre Museum and end up defeating Stromm with judicious use of the mirrors at the famous entrance to the Louvre Pyramid.

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Once the battle is over, Peter and the gang meet the director of the Louvre, who is not too happy with the destroyed mirrors of the Louvre. The construction crew is tasked with replacing them as they continue to work on a new exhibit called “Hall of Heroes.” A massive image of the Avengers, in which Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow all strike heroic poses is on display. Unfortunately, the image is missing Hawkeye entirely, and neither Peter nor anyone else in attendance points out the omission.

Hawkeye was notably not included as a founding member of the group: in The Avengers # 1 published in 1963, the story scripted by Stan Lee included Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp as the original team. Captain America had yet to be saved from the ice and the character of Black Widow had yet to be created (she would not debut until the following year. Clint would also appear in 1964 – and although Hawkeye had temporarily obtained it powers, he typically charges into fighting with nothing but a bow and a quiver full of arrows. He’s since become a valued member of the team – but it’s true he struggles to fight. massive and otherworldly threats with its limited arsenal.

From the photo in Spider-Man WEB # 5 Omits Hawkeye, one wonders if the hero is as forgotten in the comics as he is in fan talk about the MCU. Clint Barton has a rich and somewhat tragic history that has yet to be explored in detail in the movies. When it’s about Avengers, it seems that in the Marvel Universe 616, even the Louvre doesn’t care Hawk Eye.

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