Effy featured in Headlocked Comics’ “Wordless Story”


During a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Editor Nick Hausman met Headlocked Comics creator and founder Michael Kingston. Headlocked Comics is about to be released Tales from the Ring: Volume 2 featuring many stars from AEW, ROH and India. Kingston discussed how the collaborative process between artists and wrestlers works.

“Most of the time it’s if a guy seems creative, if he likes comics, if I have some kind of chemistry with him. Sometimes that doesn’t work, ”Kingston noted. “I’ve had guys where we’re just starting to get along or whatever, and it just doesn’t go together. Usually these are the people who want to be there. Thunder Rosa loves the X-Men. She had been a guest of mine at Comic-Con a few times. We had chemistry. We had some sort of agreement. Someone like [Matt] Cardona and [Brian Myers] are obvious.

“Sometimes people are people you don’t necessarily think about, but obviously I find independent guys tend to be more creative because they have to be, especially these days. Everyone is fighting for views and whatever. I’ve known Effy forever. What struck me a bit was the day I saw his merchandise he was selling had prayer candles, and I’m like, yo, I wanna do something with him someday and then you keep that sort of thing in the back of your mind. A lot of them are pretty easy to put together if you pick the right people, and sometimes it just doesn’t work.

GCW star Effy is among the best independent names featured in Volume Two. Kingston gave some details on what fans can expect from Effy’s story.

“This is the first silent story we’ve ever done, the first story without words,” said Kingston. “I have always been fascinated, there was a very famous comic book by GI Joe, a story of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow which is silent and which has always interested me. It’s the first story we’ve done that doesn’t have word bubbles. It’s interesting. I think it’s about conflict resolution, and it’s fun. We asked Joe Hunter to do the art, and I think it’s very cartoonish in style, but it’s really touching in its simplicity. He is fantastic. Joe and I just collaborated on an ‘Into the Cena-Verse’ art print for New York Comic-Con, some of the many different versions of the characters from the John Cena movie on one panel.

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