Dr Oz, Trump, Senate Vote Count: Darcy Cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio — On Tuesday, quack sorcerer Donald Trump prescribed that his endorsed nominee, Dr. Mehmet Oz, has just declared victory in the Pennsylvania Senate race despite the fact that Dr. Oz, a Cleveland native, a resident of New Jersey, is edged only by a thread of carpet on the hurdle of Connecticut the CEO of the fund, David McCormick.

The race is still too close to be announced and may not take place until next week, after which it is expected to face an automatic recount, lawyers and allegations of voter fraud by Trump, who has still not officially acknowledged. that he lost the 2020 presidential race to president. Joe Biden.

As of now, the tally is Dr. Oz 31.2% – McCormick 31.1%. Dr. Oz has a lead of around 1,200 votes, with mail-in ballots still to count.

Dr. Oz was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of a heart surgeon who had emigrated from Turkey. From the age of 3, he was raised in Delaware. For the past two decades, he and his wife Lisa have lived in a mansion they built from scratch 22 years ago in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, overlooking the Hudson River and Manhattan.

The Oz Mansion in New Jersey features 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 12 foot high ceilings, a half indoor basketball court, swimming pool and movie theater. He operated out of New York City television studios for his syndicated daytime show and NY Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center for his surgical practice.

While still registered to vote in New Jersey, Dr. Oz, as of 2020, is also registered to vote in Pennsylvania and did so by mail-in ballot. Her registration is based on her in-laws’ address in suburban Montgomery County, Philadelphia.

Besides his in-laws, Dr. Oz’s connection to Pennsylvania is that he attended medical school at the University of Pennsylvania and later earned a business degree in Philadelphia, where he met his wife Lisa.

Under federal law, a candidate can run for the Senate while residing in another state, but if he wins, he must maintain a residence in the state in which he won, which Hillary Clinton did when she was elected as one of two US senators from New York.

JD Vance, the Republican Senate candidate from Ohio, gained notoriety for his bestselling-turned-memoir film about his childhood in southern Ohio, “Hillbilly Elegy.” But the investment banker-turned-author-turned-Senate candidate had lived in California as an adult, returning to Ohio for the race against longtime Ohio resident Rep. Tim Ryan.

In Ohio, Vance seeks the seat of incumbent Senator Rob Portman. In Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz searches for the seat of incumbent Senator Pat Toomey.

Both Dr. Oz and Vance are believed to have won Trump’s endorsement solely because of their celebrity status, with Dr. Oz certainly being far above JD Vance.

The endorsements raised eyebrows among establishment Republicans. In Vance’s case, it was because he had been a “Never Trumper.” In Dr. Oz’s case, it was because before he became a candidate, some of his views and positions would just as easily match a conservative Democrat. Trump himself had long held Democratic positions and once even backed Hillary Clinton. This was all forgotten by the MAGA movement, but it helped Trump win in 2016 with cross-votes.

Dr Oz would likely have been declared the winner on Tuesday night had it not been for the sudden emergence of far-right commentator Kathy Barnette, who would have drawn more votes from Dr Oz than David McCormick who ran. like a more traditional Republican.

In the final weeks it was projected as a race between Barnette and Dr Oz with McCormick falling to third and Barnette possibly winning. Now it will be McCormick or Dr. Oz who wins by a mat thread.

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