DeSantis slams Disney for ‘injecting sexuality’ into their cartoons, claiming they were genderless

Outraged that Disney is not following through on its anti-freedom and anti-LGBTQ agenda, Ron DeSantis lambasted Disney for “their intent to inject sexuality into programming for these very young children.” Like it was a new concept.

“When we were young, we could watch cartoons without worrying!” he cried, as he rushed for Big Lie promoter and Senate candidate Adam Laxalt in Nevada on Wednesday. “Now parents have to sit and worry about what they’re trying to inject?”

In fact, as anyone who’s ever watched a cartoon from any era knows and surely remembers, there was a lot of “sexuality” in the cartoons there, and the only thing actually “injected” here is the contagious disorder of GQP, the “I don’t remember”.

Commentators were quick to post snippets of past cartoons, hoping to restore its empty spaces (see below).

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