DC’s new horror comic the Nice House on the Lake has over 100,000 pre-orders


James Tynion IV’s upcoming horror comic starring Alvaro Matinez Bueno, The Nice House on the Lake, is a book that will have its fair share of surprises – and as Tynion learned, those surprises aren’t just in the book. but also in the real world.

“Just received an official note … The Nice House on the Lake is my best-selling designer-owned launch to date!” Tweets by Tynion. “On behalf of Alvaro Martinez Bueno, myself and the whole Nice House team … THANKS ALL SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING THIS BOOK !!!!!”

(Image credit: Alvaro Matinez Bueno (DC))

Tynion’s tweet arrived just past the comic book store pre-order deadline The beautiful house on the lake # 1, which means it wouldn’t account for new orders, possible reprints, and digital sales once the book goes on sale on June 1.

But how “scary” are these pre-order sales to which Tynion is reacting? Although Newsarama cannot get details, we have confirmed that it will be more than 100,000 copies – this is the number of pre-orders for the last major launch of Tynion owned by the creator The Department of Truth # 1, who ended up coming back for four more impressions.

The Nice House on the Lake is an Agatha Christie-style horror story for DC’s “ adults only ” Black Label imprint. The owner of the titular house is Walter, a mysterious man some know – but no one knows him very well. Out of the blue, he invites various people he has met during his life for a weeklong getaway to his beautiful secluded lake house. It feels like a real vacation – even if you have to put up with Walter’s weird eccentricity here and there, doesn’t it? This is, apparently, when the horror begins.

As for the surprise inside of The Nice House on the Lake # 1, we’ve alluded to before? Tynion says it’s a big twist that he hopes won’t be spoiled.

“There is a twist at the end of the first number,” wrote in his most recent newsletter. “A twist you won’t want to spoil, to feel the full impact of it all. So I recommend starting this one early.”

The beautiful house on the lake # 1 (of 12) will go on sale on June 1st.

Nice House on the Lake # 1 will be available the same day it launches in print – but what’s the best way to read it if you go digital? Consult our list of best digital comic readers for Android and iOS devices.

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