DC: 10 cartoon heroes exactly like Wonder Woman

The dynamics of genres in cartoons are changing rapidly. In recent years, the lines between what constitutes a cartoon for boys and a cartoon for girls have become increasingly blurred. Show as Adventure time and Steven universe style pioneer, moving away from simple action to focus on various genres.

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In addition to the tonal balance, the female characters are more powerful than ever. The new wave of dominant female powers in cartoons may seem completely original, but one character has existed as a prototype for decades. Wonder Woman is still the standard bearer for female cartoon characters as brutal as boys.

ten Wonder Woman inspiration was central to the creation of Korra’s character

Korra meditating in the spirit world

Fortunately, society is getting used to seeing powerful female characters. Cartoons have taken the notion of strong women in drastic directions that even the movies have yet to duplicate. Korra, the Avatar protagonist of the sequel series, is an example.

Like Wonder Woman, Korra is a determined and noble warrior who finds a way to forge a unique identity even though she comes from a huge lineage of warriors. Korra and Wonder Woman can lead the fight and frequently use their martial arts mastery against boys.

9 Wendy Corduroy and Wonder Woman blame the team

Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls Jpeg

Despite its relatively short duration, Gravity falls has left a massive imprint on the animation world. By merging the horror genre with the wacky humor of classic Disney Channel shows, Gravity falls broke new ground in cartoons.

One of the emblematic characters of the series’ pioneering spirit was Wendy Corduroy. Like Wonder Woman, Wendy sees minimal separation between gender roles. In a second, Wendy can express her femininity and become one of the most essential courses of action in the series.

8 Snape was a Wonder Woman for anime fans in the early ’90s

Rogue from the X-Men animated series

By the early ’90s, many strong opinions about the core demographic of superhero content were rife. Studios producing a plethora of superhero media felt the genre was only for boys. Therefore, despite her Trinity cohorts on every series hooked through the ’90s, Wonder Woman sat on the bench. Fans looking for a similar character have found Rogue to be a fun substitute.

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Although several women X Men characters can do, Snape possessed more raw power than anyone on the show. Snape even flew as Wonder Woman.

seven Princess Bubblegum and Wonder Woman share royal upbringing

Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum

Before the lines between genres blurred, studios thought girls would only watch shows with princesses. Saving the action part of the cartoon for their handsome and adventurous male lover, the princesses in the cartoons existed to get in trouble and look pretty. Princess Bubblegum, like Princess Diana before her, is happily breaking this trend.

While she is a supporting character at Adventure time Finn protagonist, Princess Bubblegum is intelligent, courageous and able to save herself while maintaining her royal status. Wonder Woman, a princess herself, would be proud of Bubblegum.

6 Kim Possible and Wonder Woman can save the world without breaking a sweat

Kim possible fighting position

Most of the inflexible views on female characters emanate from Disney and their presentation of princesses. In the 2000s, Disney began the effort – which is still ongoing – to rectify its portrayal of female characters. Kim possible was Disney’s first attempt at a female superhero.

Fans might find Kim Possible an odd choice since she lacks powers, but in the 1970s, Wonder Woman was also a helpless, globetrotting secret agent. The Wonder Woman ’70s series may even have helped inspire Kim Possible and her exploits.

5 Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon both have battle-ready props

Usagi uses his powers in the Sailor Moon anime

There is a balance in creating strong female characters. If one wobbles too close to male archetypes, the sense of representation can deepen. sailor moon skillfully solves the problem by existing as one of the most incredibly powerful anime characters of all time without compromising on classic and enjoyable female archetypes.

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Much like Wonder Woman’s bracelets, Sailor Moon wields a host of traditional female accessories that turn a battle in her favor. Additionally, the Golden Age version of Wonder Woman gave the character a tiara capable of reading opponents’ minds.

4 Garnet and Wonder Woman get their hands dirty


In several DC animated films, Wonder Woman has the best fight scenes. In Crisis on two lands, two of the film’s most mind-boggling fight scenes belong to Wonder Woman, despite the rest of the Justice League in the film.

Garnet Steven universe works similarly. As the series’ first heavy hitter, most of the action in Steven universe comes from Garnet’s many slugfests. When it comes to action sets, fans are always raving about Garnet and Wonder Woman’s many brawls.

3 Mulan and Wonder Woman know how to get by with a sword

Disney mulan

Superheroes typically use non-lethal weapons to fight their villains. One of the cornerstones of the superhero genre is the “superheroes don’t kill” rule. Wonder Woman sees this more as a guideline than a rule. In several of her adventures, Diana has used a sword with deadly intent.

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In the ways of the blade, Wonder Woman shares similarities with Disney’s Mulan. Raised in ancient China, Mulan’s mastery with a bladed weapon was no accident, as the sword was the weapon of the day. However, Mulan broke the tradition by being a woman who wielded one.

2 She-Ra and Wonder Woman are both warrior princesses


He-man’s the success of Saturday morning in the ’80s prompted her Filmation studio to duplicate the idea for a female audience. Thereby, She-Ra: Princess of Power was born. She-Ra showed a ton of promise in her first run, but the character really made her mark with Netflix’s 2018 revival series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Like Wonder Woman, Princess Adora comes from a society where fencing and warrior culture reign supreme. Although underestimated by their male enemies, Adora and Wonder Woman still prove their warrior spirit.

1 Blossom and Wonder Woman are two of the most iconic cartoon superheroes

Blossom Powerpuff Girls Organic List Jpeg

The existence of PowerPuff Girls aptly expresses changing attitudes towards cartoons of female superheroes. Super girls became Cartoon Network‘s biggest hit for boys and girls. Blossom was the team leader at the center of the adorable trio of overpowered preschoolers.

Blossom’s design intentionally referred to former superheroes like Wonder Woman with her bossy and righteous demeanor. The creative team behind the show acknowledged the tribute by having an outright impersonation of Wonder Woman in an episode where the Powerpuff Girls went their separate ways to become each of the solo heroes.

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