Comics Intro of Iron Man 3 Character Leads Spider-Man’s WEB # 1 to Become a Collectible Collection


The introduction of an MCU character to the Marvel Comics Universe made Spider-Man’s WEB # 1 a hot aftermarket book.

This week’s WEB release of Spider-Man # 1 has been surprisingly hot aftermarket merchandise due to the introduction of a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who makes his official comic book debut in the game. universe of Marvel comics.

The notion of Spider-Man WEB (which is VC’s Kevin Shinick, Alberto Alburquerque, Rachelle Rosenberg and Travis Lanham) is that Tony Stark has set up a new group called the Worldwide Engineering Brigade made up of some of the smartest teenagers in the Marvel Universe and Spider-Man. comes along for the ride as Peter Parker. Among the characters in the group are Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette), Squirrel Girl and the Wakandan genius, Onome. There is also Harley Keener.

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Harley Keener was the young boy Tony Stark befriended Iron man 3. He later appeared, now a teenager, at the memorial service for Tony in Avengers: Endgame. Spider-Man WEB has Harley at the age he was in Endgame, as Tony’s teenage protege, who runs into Peter Parker as Peter somehow considered him to be himself as Tony’s protégé.

Shinick does a great job of nodding to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this sequel comic, which also exists as a tie-in to Disney California Adventure’s Avengers campus, which has its own Worldwide Engineering Brigade building.

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Anyway, while collectors in general like to pick up the first appearances of characters who could later star in superhero movies, here is an example where collectors go crazy for the first comic book appearance. of a character who was already in movies!

Despite its release this week, Spider-Man WEB # 1 regularly sells on eBay for around $ 15, with the Avengers campus-linked cover variant for a bit more cash.

A copy of the cover of the Mark Bagley 1:25 variant for $ 99!

It’s fascinating to see the typical collector’s approach turned upside down here, which perhaps explains why the book came as a bit of a surprise to retailers, as it hasn’t been ordered much (which is another reason why it’s so popular in the secondary market, as speculators love it when a book isn’t heavily ordered).

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