China urges cartoon producers to resist ‘unhealthy’ content


China’s broadcasting regulator says it will encourage online producers to create “healthy” cartoons and crack down on violent, vulgar or pornographic content, as Beijing steps up efforts to bring its thriving entertainment industry to heel .

The National Radio and Television Administration said in a notice published Friday evening that children and young people were the main audience for cartoons and that qualified agencies should broadcast content that “stands up for the truth, the goodness and the the beauty “.

China’s ruling Communist Party has stepped up a campaign to clean up its entertainment industry in recent months, taking action against “online idols” and promising tougher penalties for celebrities who engage in illegal or contrary behavior. ethics.

The campaigns are part of a larger effort to intervene in all aspects of the country’s culture and economy, with the government also promising to tackle inequality, soaring house prices and settlements. for-profit education.

The Communist Party celebrated its centenary in July and President Xi Jinping marked the occasion by promising to “enhance” the party’s powers and strengthen the unity of the Chinese people.

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