Check out the theme song and first images from the preschool cartoon SPIDEY AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS


First announced in 2019 at Disney’s D23 Expo, Marvel’s Spidey and his amazing friends is an upcoming Marvel animated series aimed at preschoolers and their families and is set to debut on Disney Junior. Today, thanks to a Weekly entertainment exclusively, the first images of the series have been released as well as the theme song of the singer of Fall Out Boy Patrick Souche.

The official released images feature Spidey’s heroes Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, but also other “amazing friends” like the Hulk, Black Panther and Ms. Marvel. We also get a look at classic Spidey villains such as Green Goblin, the Rhino, and Doctor Octopus, the latter of which appears to be the female version Julia Trainor.

Check out the images and listen to the theme song below. Marvel’s Spidey and his amazing friends will premiere later this summer on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

“I came in with decades of being a Marvel nerd. But I was like, well, this will probably be the first time a lot of kids this generation will see an iteration of Spider-Man, ”Stump told EW. “What does that mean? There is so much history behind it.

“In my head, I was like, ‘Okay, you have the cartoon Spidey from the 60s, with its surf rock theme,” says Stump. “You have the cartoon from the 90s, which has a little more of a metal and hard rock side. Then there are the scores. There’s Danny Elfman’s score, Horner’s score, Michael Giacchino’s score. All of these things were going around in my head in a minute, you know, and I just sat down and had this explosion of inspiration. Then I just had to hurry to the studio to put everything down. I was so excited at the time.

“I’ve been scoring for about five years. It’s my day job, but nobody really knows it, ”Stump says. “I’m the Fall Out Boy guy and that’s what people think of me usually, but I spend all day, every day scoring. I kind of assumed they were going to like my theme song and then find someone they’d rather tag. But they gave me the chance to score a short demo of sorts, and they gave it a go and hired me. It’s kind of the same feeling I had when I wrote the theme song, where I come up with this whole story and I can write music for Black Panther and Ms. Marvel. It’s amazing, it’s the coolest thing.

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