Check out Gene Ha’s cover for Gail Simone’s The Wrong Earth One-Shot (Exclusive)

Ahoy Comics provided ComicBook with an exclusive first look at Gene Ha’s cover variant for the upcoming one-shot Bad Earth: Trapped on Teen Planet by writer Gail Simone. The first of five one-shots to hit stores over the next few months by creative teams of superstars, Trapped on a teenage planet finds the sinister and gritty vigilante Dragonfly taken to a Land of teenagers, malt houses, love triangles and nonstop jokes. Will they win him or will his violent methods infect their world? As you can guess from this description, the issue is inspired by Archie Comics, and each of the upcoming five one-shots will be related to the Bad earth multiverse in a slightly different way.

The problem is illustrated by Bill Morrison (The simpsons), Walter Geovani (Red Sonja / Tarzan) and Rob Lean (Smallville: alien), with colors of Andy Troy and letters of Rob Steen. Bad Earth: Trapped on Teen Planet # 1 will feature cover variations by Gene Ha (Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons) and Dan Parent (Speedwell). The issue marks Simone’s debut in Ahoy Comics.

“Gene provides variant covers to our five Bad land one-shots, ”Peyer told ComicBook. “Taken together, they make up a portfolio of shots from our main cast that is suitable for the scoping. Sometimes I get asked why we are reprinting our cover on the back covers, without the logos, copy and barcodes. Art like this is why. “

You can see the cover below.

“Tom Peyer and Jamal Igle created a clever premise with Bad land it is deeply satisfying read. All it needed was more red hair, “Simone said when announcing the project.” Our story is about a town, a small town and the people who live in the town, y including a serious redhead, who is sort of in love with two girls. From a distance, this city presents itself as so many other small towns in the world: safe, decent, innocent. Get closer, however, and you start to see the shadows, especially the long, dark shadow of the dragonfly. ”

Bad landThe multiverse jumping event continues in four more one-shots:

  • THE WRONG EARTH: FAME & FORTUNE # 1 by writer Mark Russell, artist Michael Montenat, colorist Andy Troy and letterer Rob Steen. On sale in April, this comic book by the screenwriter of The island of billionaires provides a satirical look at two different versions of Richard Fame and how, despite the best and the worst of intentions, huge amounts of money determine their own results.
  • THE WRONG EARTH: PURPLE # 1 by writer Stuart Moore, artist Fred Harper and scholar Rob Steen. On sale in May, this one-shot features Earth-Kappa, a dark but shiny world of big hair, shoulder pads, Wall Street traders, rubber supersuits, and funk music. Get the funk up!
  • THE WRONG EARTH: CONFIDENCE MEN # 1 by writer Mark Waid, artist Leonard Kirk and letterer Rob Steen. On sale in June, it’s the story of two acolytes! On Campy Earth-Alpha, circumstances force Stinger to become Dragonflyman’s mentor! On Earth-Omega, Dragonfly and Stinger go to war!
  • THE WRONG EARTH: MEAT # 1 by writer Tom Peyer, artist Greg Scott and scholar Rob Steen, on sale July. On Campy Earth-Alpha, Dragonflyman and Stinger follow clues to thwart Dr. Meat’s beef-themed crimes. On Earth Omega, a tragedy forces Dragonfly to imprison a criminal in an abandoned slaughterhouse, just to have someone to talk to.

The bad earth: trapped on a teenage planet # 1 will be available in stores and online on March 4.

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