Celebrate Comic Book Day in Bham’s 4 best shops + discover their rarest items


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Immerse yourself in a comic book day adventure. Photo via Legion Comics

In the world of Marvel and DC cinema, old fans know that the comics are where many of our favorite stories first took shape. The comics have become more than a thing to read – they have created a whole subculture of fandoms, conventions and costumes that we are here to celebrate National Comic Day, September 25th. We’ve got all the details for the day on the best comic book shops in Birmingham and their rarest items.

1. Sanctum tattoos and comics

Comic day
Head to Sanctum for some amazing comics. Photo via Bham Now

At Sanctum Comics, you can find your new favorite comic book and get yourself a brand new tattoo in one place. While my fear of needles keeps me from having ink for now, I love browsing Sanctum’s incredible selection of Marvel comics.

What’s also cool about this store is that it has a huge online database with hundreds of comics available for purchase. They even have their own Spotify playlist that offers some killer background tunes.

Their rarest item: Captain Marvel Jr. Number 112 ‘1952

  • Site: 4410 4th Ave SB, Birmingham, AL 35222
  • Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12 p.m.-7 p.m. I Sunday 12 p.m.-4 p.m.
  • Website I Facebook I Instagram

2. Comics of the Legion

So many comics so little time. Photo via Legion Comics

Rows of comics of all kinds will greet you as you walk through the doors of Legion Comics. Find Star Wars, Marvel, and even Stranger Things lining the walls for you to discover.

They also sell a bunch of fun board games, so you can have a group comic book reading and game night with your friends! I suggest going with Codenames: Marvel Edition.

Their rarest comic: Superman Issue # 4 ‘1940 — Lex Luther’s first appearance

  • Site: 3246 Cahaba Heights Rd, Vestavia Hills, AL 35243
  • Hours: Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday 11 am-7pm I Wednesday and Friday-Saturday 11 am-10pm
  • Facebook

3. Bob’s comics

National Comic Day
Open a new story for National Comic Book Day. Photo via Erik Mclean / Unsplash

At Bob’s Comics, you can spend hours browsing rows of comics without seeing everything. There is something for everyone, whether you like superheroes, horror, fantasy or romance.

Head over to Bob’s Comics for National Comic Book Day and find your favorites.

Favorite Staff Comic: Green Lantern Issue # 87 ‘1971 — John Stewart’s first appearance

  • Site: 979 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35235
  • Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11 am-6pm
  • Website

4. Jim Reed’s books

In front of the Reed Books store
This view of the Reed Books door looks like an “I Spy” book. Photo by Lauren Moore for Bham Now

This bookstore looks like an original teachers workshop with colorful books stacked up and fun knick knacks decorating the walls. They have a large assortment of comics, both new and vintage.

Their rarest comic: Classics Illustrated Master of the World Jules Verne Number 163 ‘1961

  • Site: 2021 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:30 am-5:30pm I Saturday 11 am-4pm
  • Website I Facebook

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