Cartoon from Le Monde shows Scotland frees itself from Brexit


As the Conservatives in London and Scotland desperately try to deny the results of an unsuccessful election, the rest of the world is taking note of an undeniable victory for independence.

With the SNP with 64 seats and the Greens with eight (which perhaps should have been even higher), last week’s elections mean Holyrood now has 72 MPs supporting independence, seven more than what is necessary for a majority.

This simple fact, so hard to comprehend if you are a true Blue Unionist like Michael Gove, made the world watch Scotland.

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As Catalonia looks longingly at Scotland’s chances of achieving self-determination, the French have also taken note.

Published today on the front cover of Le Monde, one of France’s leading newspapers, a brilliant cartoon showed Nicola Sturgeon blasting Scotland from Brexit Britain.

Entitled simply “Scotland has voted” (Scotland’s vote), the cartoon will have been seen by millions of readers across the French-speaking world and beyond, thanks to Le Monde’s global reach.

While the Conservatives may hesitate and brag, the rest of the world knows what happened on May 6.

Hopefully they’ll keep watching to see what Scotland does next.

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