Cartoon Earthworm Jim in preparation for Interplay

Jim earthworm

Jim earthworm
Screenshot: Interaction Entertainment

Today in “We have the mark, so you might as well try to get Something apart from that ” new: Variety reports that Interplay Entertainment is trying to create a new cartoon series based on Jim earthworm, the absurd, semi-obscure video game series about a space earthworm launched in 1994.

Through Polygon, Interplay quickly associated the announcement of the said series with another public statement: A note distancing the company, and the project, from Jim earthworm co-creator Doug TenNapel, who did the initial design work and art to Jim earthworm for Shiny Entertainment back in the 90s, before embarking on a longer and much more unhappy career anti-LGBTQ + comments, opposition to same-sex marriage and deliberate gender abuse from trans critics. “Interplay owns all rights to the Jim earthworm property and assembled a whole new creative team to bring Jim to the small screen, ”the release said. “Doug has no involvement in this new EWJ TV shows.”

And, look: we liked Jim earthworm great as kids, even going so far as to pull light laughs from his short-lived Saturday morning cartoon, which featured The simpsons‘ Dan Castellanet. But even if you take the stench off TenNapel, we’re talking about a character who has very little To him apart from the original basic concept.

(That is to say: Worm grabs an almighty tracksuit, the worm fights odd foes with names like Psy-Crow and Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, repeat as needed for as many episodes or ambitious platforms but technically flawed levels as needed.)

Certainly the video teaser Variety posted – which sees an unnamed voice actor recklessly riffing on admittedly pretty worm art – doesn’t express a particularly strong point of view, outside of “Earthworms like dirt. All of this begs the question: who’s it for, apart from terminal nostalgic poisoning?

We are talking about a series of games with barely three installments (and some lackluster remasters) to his name through 27 years of life, only two of which are even playable. Have we finally hit the notorious bottom of the barrel of nostalgia, only for this industrious worm-man to keep digging ever deeper into the murky loam below?

In any event. The new series is developed by Michel K. Parandi, in collaboration with the host Marc Bodin Joyeux. No word on which network Interplay hopes to land it.

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