Cartoon congratulates Simone Biles for putting her sanity first


A cartoon that praises Simone Biles for focusing on her mental health during the Tokyo Olympics goes viral on Instagram this week.

The image, created by editorial cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz, caught the attention of many social media users over the weekend for its symbolism. She currently has over 18,000 likes and counts on her Instagram account.

In the cartoon, Biles can be seen high in the air above a medal podium. The three winners stand in their respective places (gold, silver and bronze) as Biles jumps over a separate column that reads “sanity”.

Alcaraz, two-time Pulitzer finalist in the editorial cartoon category, captioned the post: “Simone Biles wins again!” and added the hashtag #mentalhealth.

Alcaraz, who works on Nickelodeon’s animated TV show ‘The Casagrandes’ as a cultural consultant and writer, has reached out to many social media users with this meaningful cartoon.

“Without our health, we have nothing,” wrote one of his supporters. Another commented: “You made it !!”

The cartoonist TODAY said he was inspired to create the cartoon after hearing Biles talk about his mental health issues at the Olympics.

“Even though she is one of the best athletes in the world, I saw that she was under such a harsh spotlight and (facing) inappropriate criticism just for trying to take care of herself. felt the need to support his fight by drawing this cartoon, ”he wrote in an email.

In the cartoon, Biles got number one because she put her sanity first. Alcaraz applauded the gymnast for her act of courage.

“The message is that Simone, like everyone else, is in a league of their own. Her sanity, and everyone’s sanity, should be a major concern, compared to anything else in life,” he said. he declared. “She is the only one who fully understands what she is going through, and we should applaud her for recognizing the problem she is having and taking steps to address it.”

Alcaraz said TODAY that he was delighted people were responding so positively to the cartoon and that he was honored to see comedian Leslie Jones share it on his Instagram account on Sunday.

The @tanksgoodnews Instagram account also posted the cartoon and it received over 277,000 likes.

After seeing his cartoon so widely shared, Alcaraz said he hopes it will raise awareness of the value we all should place on mental health.

“Young people are going to lead the rest of society towards a better understanding of mental health, and we badly need that,” he said.

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