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SOFIA (Reuters) – Bulgaria’s new anti-establishment There Is a Such a People (ITN) party remains closely linked in popularity to the center-right GERB, which has been in power for most of the past decade before the elections early July 11, an opinion poll revealed Thursday.

Anger at corruption-prone political elites, which many blame for ensuring that Bulgaria remains the poorest and most corrupt member state in the European Union, has stepped up support for ITN, founded by the TV talk show host Slavi Trifonov.

Sofia-based Alpha Research’s Thursday poll showed support for ITN rose to 21.8% from 17.7% in the April general election, when it was the second largest party .

The center-right GERB, led by long-time former prime minister Boyko Borissov, rallied supporters ahead of Sunday’s vote and was only 0.3% behind ITN, but still fell short of the 26.2% won in April.

The GERB became the largest party after elections three months ago, but failed to form a government as other parties avoided it amid popular anger over entrenched corruption.

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Sunday’s snap ballot is being staged to break the deadlock, after ITN also failed to secure a parliamentary majority.

The opinion poll suggests support for ITN, and its potential partners, the anti-transplants Democratic Bulgaria and Stand Up! Mafia out! again will not be enough for the three to assemble a parliamentary majority and form a government.

Democratic Bulgaria is expected to get 12% of the vote, while Stand Up! Mafia out! is on track for 5.4%.

“Despite their improved positions, the protest parties do not win 120 seats” (necessary for a majority), the pollster said in a statement. “This is why the coalition formula is likely to be the cornerstone of the next parliament as it was after the April vote.”

Bulgaria nearly doubled the number of overseas polling stations for Sunday’s poll – which could boost the results of ITN and democratic Bulgaria, the main recipients of expat votes in previous elections, according to the reports. analysts.

Two other parties have a chance to enter the next parliament. The Socialists remained the third most popular party with 16.4%, while support for the ethnic-Turkish MRF party stood at 11.5%.

(Reporting by Tsvetelia Tsolova; editing by William Maclean)

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