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It depicts a man and a woman seated at a desk opposite a costumed male travel agent. The travel agent has a globe on his desk – and tells the couple: “We recommend going to empty UK supermarkets so you can feel like you are in the German Democratic Republic again.”

Alastair Campbell, former assistant to Tony Blair, shared the drawing on Twitter.

He wrote: “German cartoon…

“A travel agent urging customers to head to Britain, where empty supermarket shelves can make them nostalgic for the good old days of communist East Germany.”

Mr Campbell’s tweet prompted a response from both Remainers and Brexiteers.

Claire Tripp replied: “One guaranteed way to make Brexiteers even angrier is to tell them that Germany is laughing at them.”

A Brexiteer appeared to take offense at the tweet as @sparkietown replied: “We’re not angry to begin with, I think you join them are angry.”

Claire Tripp then replied: “It’s because you still don’t understand.

@sparkietown ended the Brexiteer vs Remainer debate by replying: “I understand everything, I’m not angry, I leave the anger and hysteria to others.”

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Richard Walker defended Mr. Campbell by saying the press was “absolutely right” in what they were saying.

@rickgwalker tweeted: “I don’t think so @campbellclaret is “pushing down” the UK, but rather highlighting how the Brexit results are covered by the European press.

“The European press is absolutely right – Brexit is a complete b **** ck driven by mass mobilization and bad leadership of the thick.”

The German cartoon comes as the Bangkok Post has also targeted Brexit using a cartoon.

In one of Thailand’s most popular newspapers, a lion jumps out of a door that says “Brexit” – and is painted with a Union Jack.

But when the lion comes out the other side, it turns into a much less intimidating little cat.

Twitter users were also in full voice during this cartoon as Oisin Quinn tweeted, “It’s insulting to cats.

“The cats watch before they jump.”

Another user believed the post was because people were ‘salted’ about the UK leaving the EU.

@bluewingeddog tweeted: “Salty Britain getting more independent?”

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