Best Comic Book Characters Who Didn’t Appear In Live-Action Movies

Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery is generally considered one of the best collections of supervillains in comics, but it also boasts a diverse cast of supporting characters. The Dark Knight can never be a lone wolf for long in his ongoing fight against Gotham City’s deep-rooted corruption, and he grows stronger as he expands his famous extended Bat family.

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The likes of Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Jim Gordon should get the attention they deserve in live-action theatrical releases, but there’s still untapped potential given how dense Batman lore is. The possibilities of who can be explored in the movies become even greater when you consider Matt Reeves The Batman the universe and the main DCEU as separate entities.


Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Split image of Dr. Thompkins caring for a sick patient Batman having a touching exchange with her in the comics

Bruce Wayne’s iconic butler, Alfred Pennyworth, deservedly retains his status as arguably the former’s most important relationship in the Batman comics and every other media he appears in. His dedication, love (sometimes even hard) and steady hand as Bruce’s surrogate father since the death of his parents have been paramount to Batman being able to last as long as he has on the grimy streets. , unforgiving and almost perpetually dark Gotham City.

That being said, Dr. Leslie Thompkins is an underrated comic book role model for Bruce who hasn’t gotten the representation she deserves. She is featured in the late and great Dennis O’Neil There is no hope in Crime Alley! comic and the Batman: The Animated Series episode adaptation of the same name, and most recently in Mattson Tomlin’s superb tale Elseworlds Batman: The Imposter. Like Alfred, she provides a firm but guiding hand to Bruce/Batman when he finds himself at a particularly low point in his life. She would no doubt make a great mother figure for Robert Pattinson’s troubled Bruce Wayne and a unique, grounded perspective in her own right in Reeves. The Batman universe.

Batwoman/Kate Kane

Batwoman on the cover of Fall of the House of Kane

The Batwoman character has come a long way since her inception, and that’s because the original Silver Age version of the comics is now unrecognizable. Batwoman was originally introduced as a one-dimensional love interest for Batman, but has now been reintroduced as Kate Kane – Bruce’s cousin on her mother’s side.

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She’s also since become arguably the most prominent LGBTQ+ superhero in DC Comics’ catalog and received a more fleshed-out backstory. Kate grew up as a wealthy heiress in a military family, drawing inspiration from Batman to fight crime in Gotham after her mother was murdered by gunmen and kidnappers. She has since become part of the Bat-Family after discovering Batman’s identity and even co-leads the Gotham Knights with him in Detective comics. The DCEU seems just as likely as a location for a hypothetical adaptation.

Ace the bat dog

Ace the Bat-Hound wearing his gear and standing next to Batman in the comics.

Ace the Bat-Hound is one of DC’s most memorable “super pets,” with this dog appearing in various guises throughout the comic book publisher‘s history. He has been portrayed as a few different breeds across multiple continuities, including as a German Shepherd, English Mastiff, and Great Dane. Of course, he was also portrayed as a Great Dane in the DCAU’s. batman beyond lively show.

It’s hard to see how bringing Ace into a live-action movie wouldn’t be a crowd pleaser, as it could be a touching way to work through more tender times in Bruce’s life and help him heal. take root even more. It could arguably work well in Reeves’ next project The Batman sequels or with Keaton in the main DC Extended Universe. Ace’s canine nose could definitely help when it comes to detective work.

Batman/Terry McGinnis

The DC Animated Universe batman beyond The TV series turned out to be the cult classic take on the Dark Knight that no one knew they wanted until they got it. It took an ambitious twist on the superhero that paid off, mixing in elements of Ridley Scott blade runner, Spider-Man and – of course – Batman to create a younger, neo-noir cyberpunk iteration. It inspired comic book adaptations, but to this day it remains a shame that it didn’t get another screen adaptation after its show (and associated animated film), especially since the timing couldn’t be better in the DCEU mainline.

Fan-favorite actor Michael Keaton returns to don the cape and cowl in upcoming DC movie the flash and bat girl movies. It seems reasonable to assume he won’t be in the costume for too long, and Keaton’s age is ripe to take on a mentor role in a live-action adaptation of Terry McGinnis. Whether it’s theatrics or an HBO Max original, DC Films certainly has directing options for a potential batman beyond live action film.

Henri Ducard (Technically)

Batman Henri Ducard

Technically, Henri Ducard has featured in a live-action movie, but not like his conventional comic book image. Liam Neeson played a man named Ducard in Christopher Nolan batman beginsto be revealed as Ra’s al Ghul years after the destruction of the League of Shadows monastery.

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Henri Ducard also trains Bruce Wayne in comics, but rather as a morally ambiguous French detective not affiliated with the League. In The Batman, Alfred suggests he trained Bruce in combat years before, but perhaps introducing the traditional version of Henri Ducard could fill the void in how he learned to become the world’s greatest detective. . While not strictly necessary to explain this, it would be a welcome bit of world-building and could create an exciting and tense dynamic between him and Bruce, given Ducard’s loose moral compass.

Etrigan the Demon/Jason Blood

Etrigan the demon in DC comics.

While certainly a less conventional choice, Etrigan the Demon would be an exciting supernatural choice since he’s one of DC’s best “monster” characters in the comics. He’s a character who could behave in a live-action project like he did in the comics if Warner Bros. and DC Films were taking the time to notice. However, he also shares some surprising roots with Batman that could be interesting to see in the mainline DCEU where metahuman elements are normally explored.

Etrigan is a demon from hell who, ironically, frequently finds himself on the side of the forces of good in the DC Universe. This includes Jason Blood, the human he becomes bonded to. The anti-hero was originally based in Gotham City, which led to him teaming up with Batman a few times, including an episode of the DCAU’s The New Adventures of Batman. DC Films is set to expand its on-screen roster with supernatural characters like Constantine, Zatanna, and the broader Justice League Dark, so now is the perfect time to adapt Etrigan the Demon.

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