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Reading comics is an entertaining experience for children and adults. And thanks to technology, you don’t have to buy physical comics to find your solution. The internet is full of web comics, and mobile devices offer an intuitive way to read comics without having to purchase physical copies. Comic books have always been a popular part of modern entertainment, along with movies, TV shows, and novels. However, they only served a niche market with only the most loyal fans. But that has changed in recent years. Movies based on comic books have hit box offices around the world, and mainstream consumers are now getting interested in reading comic books.

Digital comics are usually in CBR or CBZ format. These contain comic book pages in image formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF. These pages are stored in a compressed file format so that a reader can view them in order. To open these files, you need applications that can read these formats. Comics as a medium seems tailor-made for tablets, even if the timeline isn’t quite right. But there are also a surprising number of comic reader apps designed for older desktop PCs. This is useful for devices that blur the lines, like Microsoft Surface, or someone who has amassed a large collection of DRM-free comic files.

Here is the list of the best comic book apps for Mac OS

YAC player

YAC Reader has always been the best comic book reader available on Mac. Apart from Mac, it is also available for Windows and Linux. YAC Reader is the complete package for comic book readers. Supports a variety of file types including RAR, ZIP, CBR, CBZ, TAR, and PDF, among others. It also supports different view formats. You can view your comics in single page, double page, full screen or resize as you wish.

You can change the background color as well as page scrolling effects. But the feature that gives it an edge over other readers is the YAC library. With YAC Library, you can see all your comics in one place. You can organize your comics in another folder. It also keeps track of your reading progress. You can also search your entire collection directly within the app.

simple comic

As the name of the app suggests, Simple Comic is a lightweight comic reader app that you can use on macOS. Despite its low weight, Simple Comic does not give up any essential function. The app has a clean interface and offers lots of features for reading books. With Simple Comic, you can view your comics on one or two pages, in full screen or in thumbnail. Simple Comic for Mac is a fast and lightweight comic book reader for Mac that can open a variety of different file formats.

This makes it very portable, and because it opens and reads comics so quickly, it’s a useful tool for those with large libraries of CBR files. Once open, use the File menu at the top of the screen to open your existing comic files. Simple Comic does not allow you to download comics and does not contain files, so you must have a legitimate source of files from another source. However, once you do, they open quickly and are easily readable on any screen size.

comic book reader

This app offers multi-touch support (swipe, pinch, double tap, etc.) and is compatible with the Retina display. Unlike other apps, DrawnStrips supports true full-screen mode without toggle bars or other annoying UI elements. The app makes it easy to navigate and offers a series of thumbnails that represent the pages of your comic.

Additionally, the Quick Look feature automatically generates icons that you can use to preview comics in the Finder. If you digitize old comics by scanning their pages and converting them to a suitable format, you’ll love the app’s features for that. Magic Enhancer allows you to enhance the page by adjusting brightness, gamma, contrast and sharpness.


Another popular alternative that several friends have recommended to me is ComicNerd. The application has many advantages. The interface is modern and all transitions are smooth and seamless. The latest version also supports true fullscreen mode. One of the unique features of this application is that each time you move the cursor down, a small window with previous and next pages will open automatically, which is very useful when you want to change pages.

The only thing stopping me from getting it (I used a trial version) is the price. It is too difficult for an app to compete in an app world dominated by free apps. Once you’ve added your comics, you can simply double-click on them to open them in the viewer. When you do this, a new window will appear and your comic will load. You can use your Mac’s trackpad or arrow keys to navigate the comic.

Sequential 2

Sequential is an image previewer for Mac that works like a comic book reader. Although the application has not received an update for a long time, it still works perfectly. Sequential 2 supports a side panel with image preview, and surprisingly the software hasn’t lost its appeal over time. The motion of the animation is smooth and there is no pause.

To open the comic in full screen, you can double-click on each page. If you’re looking for a simple Mac-based comic book reader, Sequential 2 is for you. When you open a comic, you have a sidebar with the pages. You can click on any page to switch between them. It also supports true full screen mode. However, image quality is on the lower end of the spectrum. If you are looking for a simple app with no extra frills, you can try this one.


Comixology, the digital comics arm of the almighty Amazon, is a leading service that brings titles from various publishers, including DC, Image and Marvel, to web browsers and Android and iOS mobile apps. Comixology features an excellent Guided View mode that makes reading fun on small devices, digital comics released the same day as print editions, high-resolution comic files that display stunningly on HD screens, and a unlimited reading program. it could save you a lot of money

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