Avast! Travel with BROADSIDE

In Bordered by a designer who won three Prism awards Noella whitney, a woman embarks on a pirate ship… and is soon enlisted in a life on the high seas!



Bordered follows Nora, who embarks aboard a pirate ship (and is summarily discovered). Soon she is brought before the captain, who agrees to spare her life as long as she is a productive member of the crew.

This is the type of comic that includes a map, so if this is something you are looking for in your webcomics, please take note!

Whitney started Bordered as her main thesis for their BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), which she obtained in 2015. While they continued comics thereafter, she is currently on indefinite hiatus. However, you can still enjoy plenty of comic book pages as you catch up.

Whitney’s most recent work

While Bordered may be on an indefinite hiatus, once you catch up with the comic you can check out Whiney’s more recent work, much of which is available for purchase on Gumroad.

This includes the lesbian werewolf cartoon TO CUT, which recently received the 2021 Prism Award for Small / Medium Press Comics. Previously, they received two Prism Awards in 2018, in the Anthology category for his contribution to DATES, Anthology of queer historical fiction, volume 2, and in the Short Form category for their comic MEASURE.

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