Arrowverse: 10 characters weaker than their comic versions


For eight years, the Arrowverse has helped new fans discover some of the DC Universe’s most interesting heroes and villains while creating wonderful live stories for old-school fans. From Oliver Queen’s beginnings as a Starling City vigilante to Superman and Lois Lane working together to raise their children well, the Arrowverse has always found a way to show these classic characters in a new light.

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But one of the things that tends to happen when comic book characters kick in is that some of their powers are nerfed. In the MCU, heroes like Vision and Thor aren’t as powerful as they are in the comics, and for the Arrowverse, so are many of the main heroes.

ten Flash never reached the speeds of its comic book counterpart

The Flash season 1

In the Arrowverse, Flash is fast, but it doesn’t even say he’s “the fastest man alive.” Almost every season has seen Barry Allen take on a speedster who is faster than him. In the comics, however, no one is faster than the Scarlet Speedster. In the comics Barry can easily run faster than the speed of light, but in the live-action series the hero has to work to achieve that kind of speed, and it is nearly impossible for him to maintain it.

9 Citizen Steel must toughen up

Nate Heywood, Legends of Tomorrow member

A member of Legends of tomorrow, Nate Heywood has the ability to turn his skin to steel, just like he can in the comics. The two versions even have similar costumes, although Arrowverse fans may not be aware of it since live-action Nate rarely wears his own.

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Additionally, Nate, who calls himself Citizen Steel in the comics, hardly ever uses his powers in the Arrowverse, and when he does, he’s almost always knocked out immediately. Why turning to steel eases Nate’s unconsciousness is a mystery, but the clearest answer is that showing off potency is a huge drain on the series’ budget. The decision was therefore taken to use it sparingly.

8 Martian Manhunter lacks certain powers

Supergirl CW Martian Manhunter

In the comics, the Martian Manhunter has just about every power a comic book writer can think of. In addition to flight, super strength, and superhuman durability, J’onn J’onzz can shape shift, become invisible, traverse objects, freeze things with his breath, use his eyes for a number of eye powers. and even stretch like a Reclining Man.

J’onn’s Arrowverse counterpart appears to have only a handful of the powers of its comic book counterpart, but it may be for the best. After all, if the Martian Manhunter could do anything Supergirl can do, why would the DEO need her?

7 Hawkman never reached his heights in the comics

Hawkman and Hawkgirl didn’t spend much time in the Arrowverse, but, for the time they were on screen, fans of the Reincarnated Lovers were less than excited about what they saw on TV. . Neither Hawkman nor Hawkgirl have ever had the chance to really show off their flying skills, let alone their talent for using maces and other ancient weapons. It seemed obvious that the Arrowverse never really figured out how to use the couple and pulled them out of the superhero equation as fast as they could.

6 Vandal Savage lacked magic

VANDAL SAVAGE Legends of Tomorrow

In the comics, Vandal Savage is an Eternal Madman who also happens to be one of the oldest beings on the planet. Originally a Cro-Magnon warrior called Vandar Adg, Savage gained his immortality after encountering a meteor, but this is not the end of his abilities.

Living for approximately 40,000 years, Savage learned the ways of warfare and the mystical arts, becoming one of the most advanced users of magic in the DC Universe. In addition to some basic magical abilities, Savage can open doors to other dimensions and travel through space and time with little effort. In the Arrowverse, Savage’s magical abilities were much less impressive.

5 Anti-Monitor failed to bring pain


In the comics and in the Arrowverse, the Anti-Monitor is easily one of the greatest threats the heroes of the DC Universe have ever faced, but the live action on this multiverse destroyer was far away. to be as powerful as his comic book. counterpart of the book.

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In the comics, it took the powers of not just every DC hero, but every villain and even the most cosmic of beings to keep the Anti-Monitor from erasing all of existence and, even then, a great many characters, including Flash and Supergirl, gave their lives. In the Arrowverse, the Anti-Monitor destroyed many universes, but, for the most part, it didn’t stand up to the original.

4 Firestorm glued to the bases

Firestorm of Tomorrow's Legends

In the comics, Firestorm is essentially an unstoppable force. Using the power of molecular reconstruction, this hero can rearrange the molecular structure of the elements, transforming them into anything he wants, as long as he knows the elemental composition of the object he wants to create. With Professor Martin Stein helping Firestorm, Jefferson Jackson should have been the Arrowverse’s most powerful hero. Unfortunately, apart from turning a bomb into water once during the Invasion! crossover, the live-action Firestorm never really bothered to use its powers to the fullest.

3 Brainiac 5 is smart, but not smart enough

Brainiac 5 on Supergirl

In the comics and the Arrowverse, Brainiac 5 is a twelfth level intellect, making him arguably the smartest being in the universe. In the comics, Brainiac 5 uses his intelligence to create devices for the Legion of Superheroes, like their flight rings and force field belts. In the Arrowverse, Brainiac primarily uses his intelligence to stand up. Either way, the smartest being in the universe never seems to have an answer to a problem. Additionally, the Arrowverse Brainiac 5 has issues with understanding emotions, which makes him more like a Vulcan than the Coluan he is.

2 Atom has never lived up to its capabilities

In the comics, Ray Palmer used a fragment of a white dwarf star to create the biological belt that allowed Palmer to change his size and become the atom. On the four-color page, Atom could shrink to be smaller than its namesake and would even travel through phone lines at near-instantaneous speeds, while still keeping its density, meaning that even at the smallest size it could. always pack a hell of a punch.

In the Arrowverse, Ray Palmer had a chunky costume that allowed him to shrink and, aside from rarely using him as a member of the Legends, Ray never went as far as his comic book counterpart when he went. acted to shrink.

1 Supergirl never let go

Supergirl TV

Much like most live-action versions of her cousin, Supergirl is so powerful in the comics that when brought to other mediums she is instantly stripped down to work best within a TV series budget. Supergirl is still insanely strong, but not as strong as she is in the comics. The same goes for his speed, stamina, and countless other powers; the Girl of Steel still has them, but they’re just not on the same level as on the page.

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