Appalled by gun violence cartoon | Letters

Appalled by gun violence cartoon | Letters

Thoughts on cartoons

I’m sorry you probably only hear from people when they’re upset about things you’ve printed – so first let me say I really appreciate the good job you do reporting on our local community. I think local newspapers are a vital institution and I’m a big supporter of your work.

But today I was appalled by your posting of the Frank Shiers cartoon with the caption “on the rise of gun violence”. This kind of dangerous, unexamined alarmism is part of the cycle of animosity that drives the continued perpetuation of our society’s violence on black and brown bodies.

As a subscriber to your newspaper for decades and loyal to our need for local information, I have never been so disappointed. Please consider quitting Shiers. Hell, they’re not even funny. And this one, worse than explicitly expressing racist views, implicitly advocates reinvestment in the most violent and racially oppressive institution our country maintains. As a community, we deserve better.

Ben Blumstein

Mercer Island

beautiful place

Aubrey Davis Park provides a very unique and necessary place for families, pets, tennis players, cyclists, walkers, etc. to interact in a very special way. A path that is lacking in our world today.

Please do not destroy this space by setting up a dog park. We already have one in Luther Burbank Park. To see the joy that all share when all are running free is something that cannot be experienced in many other places on our planet.

Other than a few grumpy bikers, I haven’t had a bad experience in the park. It is one of my most treasured daily moments as I drift into old age. So rare in our world today. Please don’t change this rare and beautiful place.

Cynthia Moller

Mercer Island

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