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Whether it was the original Ant-Man Hank Pym or Scott Lang, from his 1962 debut in Tales to amaze n ° 27, Ant-Man has had a wide range of villains ranging from intimidating and powerful to absolutely ridiculous. There are horrific villains like Ultron, who could wipe out entire planets with one program, or on the opposite spectrum, characters who seem absurd.

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Here are ten villains from the Ant-Man comics that range from the dumbest to the most terrifying.

9 Radioactive man

Radioactive Man Avengers Villain

The radioactive man is a career criminal who receives his powers by voluntarily exposing himself to various types of radiation to induce superpowers and become a living weapon. After joining the Masters Of Evil, Radioactive Man is defeated by Hank Pym. He’s not really a threat.

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From a power standpoint, Radioactive Man isn’t that impressive. Only the fact that you can temporarily increase your power by absorbing radiation doesn’t impress others within the Marvel Universe. The only thing that is really terrifying about radioactive humans is that they spread radiation everywhere they go.

8 Intellectual

Marvel Comics Egg Head

Dr Elihas Starr, once a government scientist caught smuggling blueprints, has no real superpowers; like Iron Man, it relies on high-tech machines. After being pulled from prison by a well-funded crime lord and popularly known as Egghead, Dr. Elihas Starr is tasked with crafting weapons meant to defeat Ant-Man, Hank Pym.

He debuted as a villain for Ant-Man in Tales to amaze # 38. Overall, he’s not terribly intimidating and is more of a henchman than a real threat to Ant-Man. Elihas is absolutely a smart character who has worked with some of Marvel’s biggest villains; however, even at what he’s supposed to be good at, he fails miserably. There’s no real sense of danger if he’s one of the villains featured.

7 Scarab beetle

Scarlet Beetle angrily yells at Ant-Man

A common beetle transformed by atomic experimentation, the Scarlet Beetle, has acquired the ability to think for itself and to command other insects. Debut in Tales to amaze # 39 1963, The Scarlet Beetle exposed itself to Pym’s growth gas and transformed into a human size, stealing particles from Pym. This enemy uses his insect control abilities to wreak havoc, but really isn’t a major threat.

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Sure, a sentient bug is terrifying, but the character has gotten old-fashioned and almost campy in his design. There are bug-related villains who are cool, but Scarlet Beetle looks more like a monster-type character of the week than a villain with a lingering presence in the Marvel Universe.

6 Power broker

Second version of Power Broker Marvel Comics

There isn’t a lot of information on the Second Power Broker, but he is the head of a global company and investing in the app that allows people to hire any supervillain listed in the ‘application. To prove how good it is, the Power Broker hires Whirlwind to kill Darren Cross’s nemesis, Ant-Man.

While he might not have the enormous powers of, say, Ultron, or other Ant-Man villains, resources and money can certainly go a long way. The Power Broker may be more intimidating than others like Egghead, but just like Egghead, the Power Broker does not have a lot of power of his own. Many times the characters he hired to kill Ant-Man or other superheroes never seem to get the job done.

5 Darren cross

Darren Cross wearing his Yellowjacket costume with Eggman behind him

Also known as the Yellowjacket villain, Darren Cross is a villain from Scott Lang’s Ant-Man. At the head of a successful business that gives bang for the buck to other businesses, Darren Cross was diagnosed with heart disease due to overwork himself. Undergoing a procedure to put on a pacemaker, the pacemaker upgraded her body to give her superhuman abilities.

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The Yellowjacket is a good bad guy because of the bad business man trope. Not only does Darren Cross have superpowers thanks to his mechanical heart, but he has access to money and weapons. He’s a formidable villain who could pose a threat to any Marvel character.

4 Vespa

Vespa flying and laughing

In Ant-Man II # 1 2020, Vespa was a humanoid-shaped villain made up of mutated hornets with a beehive spirit. Created by Swarm, Vespa decided he had to die because of his human spirit, so she and two other Swarm creations set out to assassinate him. Ant-Man steps in to offer protection to Swarm, battling Vespa.

Characters like Vespa are a good villain, because not only is the idea of ​​mutated creatures creepy, but the fact that she is completely devoid of human consciousness makes her a threat.

3 Black ant

The black ant prepares to attack

Revealed in Secret Avengers # 24 in 2012 to be a model life lure of the third Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady, Black Ant posed as a member of Avenger’s team until he turned on them. With powers similar to Ant-Man and all of the strengths that come with being an LMD, Black Ant is a force to be reckoned with.

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Villains with powers similar to the hero are always an interesting combination. Not only does this make the fight more even, there is also a lot more conflict in the story. With Black Ant, there is also the emotional impact of a friend turned traitor.

2 Jocasta

Jocasta looking to his left

First appeared in Avengers # 162 1977, Jocasta is also known as “The Bride of Ultron”. Ultron was looking to make a wife, so he kidnapped his creator Hank Pym’s wife, Janet Van Dyne, transferring Janet’s spirit into Jocasta’s shell. She’s an interesting character because she was first designed to be the enemy of the Avengers and Hank Pym. However, due to The Wasp’s spirit in his shell, she ultimately betrays him and helps the team destroy Ultron. She is later revived by Ultron, using what was left of The Wasp’s mind; he programmed her to be completely loyal to him, but even then Janet’s mind was just too powerful, and she betrayed him again.

While Jocasta might not be a villain for long, her presence is both impactful and emotional. Much like Black Ant, there is an emotional element to Jocasta as not only is Janet a member of the team, but she is also the wife of Hank Pym. So that makes the fights against Jocasta very dark in nature for Ant-Man because if they can’t find a way to stop him, Hank also runs the risk of losing Janet.

1 Ultron

Age of Ultron Comics

Debut in Avengers # 54 and created by the original Ant-Man Hank Pym, Ultron rebelled against his creator and began to improve himself and hypnotized Hank Pym into believing he never existed. Now a sentient being, Ultron would continue to evolve and become an ever greater threat. There isn’t a hero, Ant-Man included, who hasn’t had to take on Ultron in one of his many forms.

It is of course not uncommon for villains and heroes of Marvel to return from the dead. But the great thing about Ultron is that it gets improved and changed every time it comes back. Each encounter with the android is different and unique, and it is not always the same story.

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