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The Immortal Hulk is one of Marvel Comics‘ most popular series in recent years (or more), which means it was only a matter of time until Marvel decided to create some kind of offshoot. In stages Gamma flight, which features many familiar faces seen in Immortal hulk and coat racks with Alpha Flight, the first Canadian team of Marvel superheroes. The result creates a bizarre dynamic, but also a dynamic that seems to be a lot of fun through a five-issue miniseries.

Gamma flight # 1 is primarily used to set the scene and familiarize readers with the cast of characters that make up this bizarre team. Alpha Flight mainstay Puck is once again found in this incarnation of the team, but joining him are faces you might not expect. Doc Samson, in the form of Doc Sasquatch, is also on the team, as are Titania and Absorbing Man. Since this is such an odd crew on paper, it makes some of the interactions between these lesser-known characters quite enjoyable.

These character interactions and this writing largely bear the beginnings of Gamma flight. Since this is the first step in a spin-off, there isn’t a well-developed narrative to pull you into the first few pages – it always happens in Immortal hulk. While a moment that really grabs you comes (probably on the last page of the book), a big part of this problem is establishing where these characters are and familiarizing readers with how they feel about each other. . Still, that’s not a bad thing as the work of writers Al Ewing and Crystal Frasier in presenting this context is excellent.

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Gamma flight also does a great job of filling in some gaps in Immortal hulk, which I really appreciated. Even though I read Immortal hulk, I am not completely caught up with the series, which made me a little hesitant to start Gamma flight. Fortunately, I didn’t feel like I was missing much in the grand scheme of things. All the relevant details that are going to play a big part in either series are fleshed out or at least touched on briefly before coming back into play later. That being said, if you haven’t read any of the the Immortal hulk, Gamma flight should probably be ignored as it relates to this series in a direct and meaningful way.

The main artist on Gamma flight is that of Lan Medina, who is no stranger to Marvel Comics. Medina has also worked on properties such as X-Men, Venom, and Cable & Deadpool over the years and continues to bring her unique style to the forefront of superhero comics in Gamma flight. Although her art is not flashy, Medina finds a great balance here by making the characters appear both realistic and emotional while maintaining a semblance of cartoonish charm from the bygone eras of comics. It really is a great style of art that matches the world defined in The Immortal Hulk incredibly well.

Gamma flight # 1 is definitely worth your attention if you’re engrossed in Al Ewing’s run on The Immortal Hulk. This debut issue might not have a lot of action or excitement, but the writing and characters are more than enough to grab readers. If you have read the Immortal hulk in any form over the past few years, this is an easy addition to your draw list.

Rating: 4 out of 5

published by Marvel comics

At June 23, 2021

Written by Al Ewing and Crystal Frasier

Art by The Medina

Colors by Antonio Fabela

Letters from Joe sabino

Covered by Leinil Francis Yu and Sunny Gho

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